Accelerate the development of your hockey skills with solutions from HDTS.

Accelerate the development of your hockey skills with solutions from HDTS.

Hockey Diagnostic Training Centers offer a host of state-of-the-art tools and techniques, including AI-based solutions, to dramatically improve key hockey metrics in the shortest possible time.

Improve skating technique, passing, shooting on goal - their accuracy and strength. Work on reaction speed and peripheral vision. All this in combination can take the player to a new level.

The Hockey Training Center is logically divided into different training zones in which individual components of the overall hockey development are worked out. The Fusion Skating zone is equipped with HST skating machines and top training software and equipment.

The Shooting zone with artificial ice allows you to look at power skating training from a new angle. Also, a special hockey gym allows you to work on strengthening precisely those muscle groups that are most important for the work of a hockey player.

All these skills can be most effectively developed only with the help of professional diagnostics. When the coach knows exactly the state of the player, when he is able to determine his strengths and weaknesses, draw up a competent training plan. Last but not least, diagnostics is also important for determining the success of the training process. In centers from HDTS, control testing is carried out and progress is assessed.

This approach allows you to follow the path of the most rapid and high-quality development of skills and characteristics that ultimately determine the success of a hockey player. And the combination of different training environments in the center with training on the ice can make this process the most effective.