New hockey center in Slovakia

New hockey center in Slovakia

The process of training of hockey players is constantly evolving. This is a global trend, regardless of countries and continents. Along with development methods, significant development is also observed in the field of technology. Therefore, there is a trend towards the opening of specialized training diagnostic centers offering additional, individual training for hockey players.

These days, final preparations are being completed for the grand opening of a new hockey diagnostic training center in Slovakia. In the center, in accordance with the latest world trends, the concept of dividing the training space into separate zones will be implemented. Thus, it is possible to significantly expand the potential of the center, increase the number of clients and improve the convenience of work for both coaches and athletes.

The Fusion Skating zone will feature the latest HST A 230 professional skating treadmill, surrounded by new generation artificial ice that forms a single sliding surface with the skatemill. Diagnostics and development of skating technique will be provided using the automatic Skating Analysis system with artificial intelligence, the skills of accuracy and power of shots can be developed using the Shooter system, and work on improving peripheral vision on the skatemill is possible thanks to the Peripheral Navigation software.

The center will also have a separate shooting zone with synthetic ice and hockey training equipment. The zoning of the center will allow using the concept of individual player training in the most comprehensive way. The center will focus primarily on the individual development of children and youth categories. Therefore, it is gratifying that thanks to the opening of such centers, the dreams of many young hockey players to become world hockey stars can come true.