New concept of the unique gym

New concept of the unique gym

The development of new technologies, methods and products at HDTS does not stop, despite the active entry into the North American market. One of the most interesting novelties in the new year can rightly be considered the concept of a sports training gym, which is a part of the solution for hockey diagnostic training centers.

The gym is logically divided into different functional areas, where athletes (along with other visitors) can be professionally and purposefully trained. There, among other things, is also a special area for testing, which is equipped with various equipment and beeSPORT software. It should be noted that the beeSPORT ecosystem fully covers the training process in the gym, which significantly distinguishes our solution from the usual fitness center.

The preparation process of athletes from HDTS has been used in hockey centers for a long time, but now it is possible to transfer it entirely to the dryland, thanks to the new concept. Now it is possible to test players, interpret the results, plan training sessions and track the development of all those involved, without exception, from amateurs to professional athletes. It is the implementation of this approach that makes our gym unique and makes the difference.

Thanks to the division into zones and the elaboration of the concept, the team can simultaneously train in the gym, as well as the rest of the visitors. All this possible on high-quality equipment from the world brand Freemotion. At the same time, our specialists provide full support and training to put the solution into operation at full capacity from the very first days.

As already mentioned, the HDTS gym is a logical part of the HDC training center. However, it also can be an independent unit, functioning completely autonomously, while attracting customers with the uniqueness of the training process, which has proven itself in a hockey centers. We believe that we have created a solution that will meet the high demands of training professional athletes, but also be commercially successful in daily use. For more information about the new gym, please contact us. Our managers will answer all your questions.