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Hockey Development Training Center

TOP facility - HDC Center

Discover peak performance at HDC Center, the ultimate training hub for hockey players and skaters. Our cutting-edge Fusion Skating Zone, Shooting Zone, professional hockey gym, and exclusive beeSPORT ecosystem redefine training excellence. Elevate your game with the most comprehensive and effective environment tailored for success.

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Hockey Diagnostic Training Center

Hockey Center or special zones

Customized training center tailored to your target audience, space considerations, and budgetary constraints. Whether you opt for a full configuration with all zones and full configuration or a compact setup featuring the Fusion Skating Zone with one skating treadmill, design a training environment that suits your unique needs and goals to unleash the potential of the facility.

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Hockey products, equipment


Elevate your training experience with our range of products, designed to expand the potential of your existing training zone, fitness center, or even your personal space at home (in the garage or backyard). From the innovative Shooter system to synthetic ice options, elevate your performance wherever you train. Unleash potential and achieve peak results with our solutions.

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HDC center solution by HDTS

HDC Center solution

Welcome to HDC Center, a global standard and renowned brand shaping the landscape of hockey training centers worldwide. Our facility comprises four distinct training zones, each designed to elevate the skills of hockey players or enthusiasts: the Fusion Skating Zone with cutting-edge skating treadmills,modern equipment and software, the Shooting Zone featuring synthetic ice, the Professional Hockey Gym Zone equipped with state-of-the-art hockey training equipment, and the Diagnostic Zone powered by the innovative beeSPORT ecosystem.

Choosing HDC means more than just establishing a training center; it's about crafting a premier destination for hockey players improvement. Our clients follow our expert recommendations in configuring their centers, incorporating all training zones and offering programs aligned with our guidance. This ensures the fastest and most effective training processes, setting HDC centers apart.

While the initial investment may be significant, our carefully structured financial model and business plan make HDC Center a financially sound and sustainable venture when managed judiciously. Join HDC Center and be part of a community where excellence meets financial stability, reshaping the landscape of hockey training.


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hockey diagnostic training center with various training zones by HDTS

Hockey Development Training Center

Welcome to the Hockey Diagnostic Training Center, where we're all about tailoring your training experience to fit your needs. We get that everyone's situation is different, so we've made sure to provide options that work for various budgets.

Whether you're thinking of going all out with a complete setup featuring all our training zones or opting for something more streamlined like the Fusion Skating Zone with a skating treadmill, we've got choices that suit you. Our aim is to help you create a training space that fits your target audience, space availability, and budget constraints.

What sets the Hockey Diagnostic Training Center apart is that we understand the importance of flexibility. Worried about high prices? Don't be. We're open to discussions, ensuring that you get the best solution without breaking the bank. And if you prefer a hassle-free experience, we've got turnkey solutions where we take care of everything.

Join us in shaping the future of hockey training, one customized center at a time. Whether you're working with a tight budget or ready for a comprehensive setup, we've got options that speak to your unique needs and goals. Let's transform the landscape of hockey training together.


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training and testing products for hockey players


Upgrade your training experience with our diverse range of products, carefully designed to enhance your current setup, whether it's in a dedicated hockey training center, fitness center, or your own space at home, like a garage or backyard. We get that everyone's budget and needs are different, so our products cover a range of prices, making sure there's something for everyone.

Check out our Shooter Standalone system—a real game-changer for your training routine. Want that on-ice feel? Our synthetic ice options are perfect, bringing the rink experience to your training space. These solutions are all about helping you perform at your best.

There we've got beeSPORT packages tailored for different diagnostic and training needs. And if you've already got a skating treadmill, explore our extensions to add more versatility to your sessions. Our shooting zones with synthetic ice also offer flexibility in your practice.

Equip your training space with reliable hockey gear that's carefully chosen to enhance your performance and aid in becoming a better player. Whether it's skatemill extensions, shooting zones, or other essentials, our products are designed to bring quality improvement within reach for everyone.

Let's tailor your training space to meet your specific needs. Explore our products, find what aligns with your goals, and let's reshape your (or your client’s) journey towards becoming a better player together.


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project realisation

Project assistance

Before opening your center, we will provide: 

  • Counseling - a comprehensive set of information that will help you define the goals of the center, its business model, space and personnel requirements.
  • Visualization and configuration - visualization of your center and its exact configuration. Simply all the information you need for your optimal decision.
  • Delivery and installation - delivery and installation of equipment and software exactly to the agreed extent and on a turnkey basis.
Hockey training courses and education

Training courses and education

Part of the services you receive by purchasing the center is a set of trainings and certifications. The first stage of the training is carried out immediately after the delivery of the technology. This training is primarily focused on technical knowledge, including software. After the initial training, it is possible to attend courses and trainings on training methodology and the creation of optimal training programs. All this is provided in order to make the best use of the supplied technology and fulfill the business plan.

Training and certification can be divided into the following categories:

  • Technology
  • Methodology
  • Training programs.
After-sale customer service and monitoring

Post sale service

Customer care and support does not finish with the launch of a sports center. In addition to methodological and educational activities, which we strive to constantly improve, we offer the following services to ensure a smooth running of the center:

  • Monitoring service - Your center sends us its operational data. These are technological indicators for the system maintenance. We are able to identify and prevent potential problems. We notify you of the need for regular inspection.
  • Helpdesk system - Our customers get access to the help-desk system. They can make any request in connection with the operation of the delivered technology and software. It is possible to check the problem solving process in the help-desk system. The priority of the problem is based on the agreed "SLA" (Service Level Agreement).
  • Software updates - If a customer has purchased beeSport software, upgrading to the latest version and correcting any errors is a part of customer support by the contract and SLA.
  • Consulting and personnel leasing - Our hockey experts are ready to help your center methodically.

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