Hockey Skating Treadmill (Skatemill)

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What is a hockey treadmill?

A hockey treadmill, also known as a skating treadmill, synthetic ice treadmill or skatemill, is a specialized training device designed for hockey players to improve their skating skills and overall performance. Unlike traditional treadmills, this one is equipped with a synthetic surface that mimics the friction and feel of ice. Here's how it works and its key features.

Hockey treadmill key features

  • Synthetic Surface: The surface is made of a synthetic material (synthetic ice) that provides a similar gliding sensation to ice. It allows players to wear their regular hockey skates while training.
  • Endless Loop: The treadmill has a continuous moving belt or surface that creates a skating environment where the player can skate in place without actually moving forward. This allows players to always remain in front of the coach.
  • Fast skills improvement: Our HST equipped with modern software based on artificial intelligence. Various diagnostic systems help coaches find a player’s weaknesses and work quickly and efficiently to eliminate them, constantly monitoring progress.
  • Adjustable Speed: Skatemills typically have adjustable speed settings, allowing players to skate at different paces, from slow and controlled movements for skill development to high-speed sprints for conditioning.
  • Resistance Options: With simulating the effort required for different skating maneuvers and helping players build leg strength.
  • Monitoring and Feedback: Our HST (due to configuration) equipped with sensors and cameras that track a player's movements and provide real-time feedback on their stride, balance, and technique. This data helps players and coaches identify areas for improvement.
  • Training Programs: It comes with Instructor app. – video training drills and exercises to target specific aspects of skating, such as acceleration, agility, balance, etc.
  • Safety Features: To ensure safety during training, our HST includes drop-down handles and emergency stop mechanisms, allowing players to stop the device instantly if needed.
  • Year-Round Training: Since hockey treadmills can be used indoors, they enable players to train regardless of weather conditions or ice availability, making them especially useful during the offseason.

Skatemills have become an essential tool for hockey players at all levels, from youth to professional, as they provide a controlled and focused environment for improving skating skills, endurance, and overall performance on the ice.


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Why is our hockey treadmill so unique?

Progressive technology helps to simplify and improve the quality of preparation of players when setting up customer programs.


  • A proven methodology for training players in the hockey center and on the hockey treadmill, ensuring the fastest possible development of the skills and fitness condition.
  • Accurate diagnostics of players, based on which reports are made on the player's condition, training plans are drawn up and progress is tracked.
  • The world's first system for evaluation a player's skating technique on a hockey treamill based on artificial intelligence.
  • Work on ALL core hockey skills in a hockey facility, thanks to the integrated hockey treadmill into a single training surface.
  • Great variability of the training process, thanks to various software and equipment (Instructor - sets of exercises and pre-set-up training units, Shooter - “smart goal” system, and so on).
  • Suitable for all ages and levels of training - children, beginner hockey players, professionals, amateurs.
  • Special professional tests - StridePower, Wingate, Powergate, showing the key parameters of professional players (power, fatigue index, etc.) to evaluate their level of preparation, adapted for the natural movements of a hockey player - while skating (not on a bicycle ergometer).
  • Integration of individual training in a hockey center into team training.
  • The capacity of the hockey center– possibility to grow with your business. Not only individual clients, but also the possibility of cooperation with various teams, national teams, and entire hockey federations.
  • Low noise in all speed operation zone (72 dB only), making the trainers’ work comfortable.
  • Online operation monitoring (among others to know actual, daily or total operation of hockey treadmill.
  • Reliable device and remote service. Thanks to the large number of sensors that monitor the operation of the skating simulator, most problematic situations that arise (if they arise) are resolved remotely, without our technicians visiting the hockey facility.


Want to customize your hockey treadmill?

HST Hockey Treadmill as part of a hockey facility


training on a hockey skating treadmill


Our company's philosophy as a provider of complete hockey training facilitysolutions is that a skating treadmill can and should be used as part of a hockey facility divided into different training zones. Together with our unique training methodology, modern software based on artificial intelligence, various equipment, as well as multimedia - screens, cameras, etc. this training environment for individual player development provides the difference needed in player’s training process.

There you can use the 6th generation of Hockey SKATING TREADMILL (Skatemill) to develop individual skills such as skating technique, shooting, passing, stickhandling, peripheral vision, physical condition etc. Take a look at the training options below and decide which configuration is right for you. After all, each hockey training center with skating treadmill is unique and customized to the specific needs of a particular client.

Hockey treadmill characteristics:

  • Proper individual training. Free puck movement.
  • Safety - immediate switch off when necessary.
  • Noise levels of max.72 dB, which enables coach to talk with player.
  • Integration with sport testing software, hardware and methodology.
  • Easy set-up. Speed, slope and other parametres. Whole control system under one roof.
  • Efective service - online monitoring of your device.

We own the rights to Integrated multi-purpose hockey treadmill (skatemill):

  • Patented solution for the United States & Canada.
  • Patent issued by the Russian Federation.


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Important features of our hockey treadmill


skatemill hst by hdts


  • Facility planning and Visualization assistance (Placed and build with sense – there is nothing worse than, placing Skating Treadmill in front of a wall).
  • State of the art Hockey Skating Treadmill (constant development with own facilities feedback).
  • Speed and power training for all types of players .
  • Barrier free transition between skatemill and synthetic ice environment for long passes and shooting from Hockey Skating Treadmill (shoot and get passes from anywhere on puckplate or skating treadmill).
  • Puck decks with dilatation system – expansion compensation with temperature change.
  • Firm skating surface imitating real ice feel with no resonating system in high speeds.
  • Non-obstacle hockey training (There is nothing in the way for your passing and shooting trainings, not a single pillar…).
  • Advanced control & display technology of Hockey Skating Treadmills with remote control & touch screen.
  • Highest standard of customer assistance and service on the market (online skating treadmill monitoring with monthly operation and service data).
  • Most optional add-ons on the market for professional Hockey Development Center (Diagnostic and learning enhancement addons, Wingate test equipment and methodology).


What to not forget

Specification & technical parameters of hockey treadmill


technical parameters of hockey skating treadmill


Hockey Skating Treadmill - HST Professional Edition
 | A230 006

  • Speed range 1-35 km/h.
  • Skating treadmill dimensions: 2300 mm x 2000 mm x 750 mm.
  • Skatemill with puck deck plates 3700 mm x 3500 mm x 750 mm.
  • Smoothest skating surface dimensions: width 2300 mm, lengt 1900 mm.
  • Extended lifetime of slats.
  • Speed range: 35 km/h.
  • Lifting system: hydraulic operating surface angle -6° to +2°.
  • Noise level: standard operating speed – proven lowest/72 dB (new since 5th gen. improved production quality & precision and belt design).
  • Safety system: automatic overhead shut off switch, 2 manual shut off buttons.
  • Harness system: ceiling mount, 4 harnesses included.
  • Tilting adjusting horizontal handrail bars.
  • Motor and electrical: horse power 7,5 (5,6 KW), 3 phases, voltage 400 V.
  • Remote control: 2 pieces, 5 meter range.
  • Warranty: 1 year standard, could be extended up to 3 years.
  • Support: online monitoring suite, lifetime support & helpdesk system.
  • Overall weight: approx. 2300 kg by configuration.


Hockey Skating Treadmill - HST Economy Line | C230

  • Speed range 1-28 km/h.
  • Skating treadmill dimensions: 3000 mm x 2600 mm x 550 mm (imperial: 118.11 in x 102.36 in x 21.65 in).
  • Treadmill with puck deck plates: 3710 mm x 3060 mm (imperial: 146.06 in x 120.47 in).
  • Smoothest skating surface dimensions: width 2300 mm, length 1900 mm (imperial: 90.55 in, length 74.80 in).
  • Standard quality materials used.
  • Extended lifetime of slats.
  • Lower height of the machine (hydraulic system not provided).
  • Noise level: standard operating speed – 74 dB.
  • Safety system: automatic overhead shut off switch.
  • Metal harness system: ground mount, 2 harnesses included.
  • Handrail bar mounted to harness system.
  • Control panel mounted to harness system.
  • Motor and electrical: horse power 7,5 (5,6 KW), 3 phases.
  • Remote control: 1 piece, 5 meter range.
  • Warranty: 1 year standard, could be extended.
  • Support: online monitoring suite.
  • Water cooling system.
  • Synthetic ice.
  • Overall weight: approx. 1800 kg by configuration (imperial: 3968 lb).


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We scratched only the surface...

There is much more into development of effective tools for the individual player development as an addition to the team preparation. In addition to training and diagnostic methods we are trying to link other areas that affect gaming performance. Our team of experts has been creating integrated solutions for individual hockey-players development via creation of Hockey Development Centers - HDC using most progressive diagnostic and training technology from Europe and overseas.