Fusion Skating Zone

Fusion Skating Zone with hockey treadmill

Why is the Fusion Skating zone so unique?

The Fusion Skating zone is a unique environment for developing the basic skills and abilities of a hockey player. At its heart is the latest generation hockey skating treadmill HST (options with 2 or even more hockey treadmills are possible), completely integrated into the environment. This means the puck travels smoothly from the treadmill to the surrounding synthetic ice and back again, allowing for shooting, passing and dribbling practice.

The Fusion Skating zone also includes the latest training and diagnostic software based on artificial intelligence, multimedia (TV screens, monitors, computer), interactive equipment for successful and varied hockey training.

This zone is a modern and full-fledged hockey training center, where you can work not only on skating, like on a regular hockey treadmill, but conduct full-fledged individual and group hockey training. Shooting accuracy and power, passing accuracy, peripheral vision, multitasking, skating technique, stickhandling skills - all this and much more can be developed in the Fusion Skating zone.

In the Zone you can quickly, effectively and comprehensively develop players. Thanks to modern technologies, trained coaching staff and the use of methods for the individual development of an athlete, improvements occur in a targeted manner and, most importantly, very quickly.

It is also necessary to emphasize that our company works tirelessly to implement new technologies and develop existing and well-proven systems. Thanks to this, the training process methodology keeps up with the times and keeps pace with such a rapidly developing sport, which undoubtedly is an ice hockey.

Skills to boost in the Fusion Skating Zone





Passing and stickhandling

Passing & Stickhandling

Peripheral vision

Peripheral Vision

Main components of the Fusion Skating Zone

What sets Fusion Skating Zone apart and makes it highly effective are the integrated technologies it incorporates. Here is a simplified list of some of these key technologies:

Skating treadmill HST A230

Skating treadmill HST A230

Professional version of the hockey treadmill, which operates in more than 20 countries around the world.

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Skating treadmill HST A230

Skating Analysis with artificial intelligence

Skating Analysis

Skating Analysis with artificial intelligence

A system for fully automatic assessment of skating technique using artificial intelligence.

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SHOOTER smart goal system

SHOOTER smart goal system

An interactive tool for developing shooting accuracy, reaction speed, and shooting power.

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SHOOTER smart goal system

Instructor excersises on a skatemill


Instructor excersises on a skatemill

Database with more than 200 video exercises on the hockey skating treadmill. The exercises are compiled with experts in the field of hockey. The program also offers several pre-prepared, most popular training plans.

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...as well as many other systems and equipment. Also, we should mention the training methodology, which allows you to use all the tools in the Fusion Skating Zone as efficiently as possible. Of course, well-prepared and trained coaches also play an important role in the training process, guiding their players individually from day one to their career success.

training on a skating treadmill

Fusion Skating Zone benefits 

Zone designed for development of individual skills such as skating, shooting, stick handling, passing and peripheral vision. The zone consists of our unique Hockey Skating Treadmill (Skatemill) and other specialized technologies including Skating analysis, Instructor, Live delay, Shooter, Peripheral navigation, Laser education, Stride Power and more.

What is it good for?

  • Improvement of skating technique
  • Development of conditioning and coordination abilities - multitasking, Stride Power
  • Passing accuracy
  • Shooting development (technique, accuracy, shooting in stride, etc.)
  • Enhancement of Peripheral vision
  • Specialized hockey diagnostics (Skating technique analysis, Power Gate, VO2max, PowerGate...)

What makes the difference?

  • Faster results based on a more effective training process
  • All the necessary training and testing technologies in one complex
  • High-quality product design ensuring reliable operation
  • Ergonomics coaching
  • Unique Hockey Skating Treadmill (speed, silent operation at max speeds, stiffness, reliability, efficient training technologies, adjustable slope setting, HST monitoring suite, ...)


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Fusion Skating Zone usability

The Fusion Skating zone can be used as a small independent hockey training center, or as part of a larger hockey training facility that also includes other training zones.The choice of configuration depends on many factors, such as:

  • Potential target audience,
  • Focus on individual, group or team training,
  • Possibilities for premises to place the zone,
  • Budget
  • And other factors.

Each configuration is unique. Our solutions work on different continents and no two hockey centers are the same. If you are thinking about starting your own hockey training business, contact us. We will make a configuration that meets your personal needs.