Skating Analysis

Skating Analysis powered by artificial intelligence

Revolutionizing hockey coaching with AI-powered skating technique analysis

Introducing Skating Analysis, an innovative addition to hockey training. Installed in the skating treadmill zone, our system records player movements using strategically placed cameras. It automatically analyzes skating techniques by focusing on specific points on the player's body, generating a detailed report highlighting areas that require improvement.

For coaches, the process is straightforward – review the report and create a customized training program based on the findings. Our system operates effortlessly, utilizing artificial intelligence for a seamless experience.

Suitable for hockey players across diverse age groups and skill levels, our system stands out in identifying nuances and flaws in skating techniques. After training sessions, conduct a comparative analysis to visually track progress and improvements. Skating Analysis simplifies the coaching process, making it easier to address and enhance players' skills.


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Skating Analysis system powered by artificial intelligence


Skating Analysis top features

Automatic technique analysis

Automatic technique analysis

Effortlessly capture player movements on skating treadmills and let our cutting-edge system automatically analyze skating techniques, saving valuable coaching time.
AI-powered evaluation

AI-powered evaluation

Harness the power of artificial intelligence for a thorough player evaluation. Our system meticulously examines skating techniques, providing coaches with detailed reports on strengths and areas for improvement.

Comprehensive reports

Comprehensive reports

Receive in-depth reports highlighting specific limitations in a player's skating technique. Coaches can gain valuable insights to tailor training programs for individual needs and skill enhancement.
Efficient training program planning

Efficient training program planning

Empower coaches with AI-generated reports to plan targeted training programs. Identify weaknesses, set goals, and strategize for enhanced player skills and overall performance.

Dynamic progress tracking

Dynamic progress tracking

Our system also generates detailed comparison reports. After the initial evaluation and training process, coaches and players can review these reports side by side, facilitating a clear understanding of the player's progress and identifying areas for continued improvement.

Revolutionize coaching

Revolutionize coaching

Unlock the power of our integrated system as a coach's ultimate tool. Clearly observe the player's current state, identifying specific issues, and track progress seamlessly. This invaluable resource ensures accelerated player development, resulting in a more skilled and impactful presence on the ice for the entire team.

How Skating Analysis system works

The Skating Analysis system is a crucial asset for ice hockey treadmill training, equipped with two strategically placed cameras—one positioned frontally and the other to the side. As players glide on the skating treadmill, the system captures their movements, automatically sending the video footage for detailed processing on our server.

Our hockey experts have pinpointed specific body points critical to skating proficiency, and the artificial intelligence meticulously analyzes these movements, generating comprehensive reports.

Coaches receive actionable insights to craft personalized training plans, addressing identified deficiencies. Post-training, coaches conduct a thorough analysis, enabling a direct comparison of results and showcasing the player's progress, fostering targeted development on the ice.

Skating Analysis system workflow


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Skating Analysis system main benefits

    • Detailed insights of a player's skating technique through clear reports.
    • Define effective training plans based on facts.
    • Visual feedback offers a practical view of training progress.
    • Tailored training for individuals.
    • Compatible with a wide range of skating treadmills from different manufacturers.
    • Experience ongoing improvements with regular system updates and enhanced analysis techniques.
    • Efficiently operate under the guidance of artificial intelligence for streamlined coaching.


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Skating Analysis system powered by AI

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