Shooter smart goal system

Elevate your game with Shooter: The Ultimate Hockey Training Companion

Discover the next evolution in hockey training with Shooter, a “smart goal” system designed to enhance your shooting skills and boost reaction speed. Featuring sensors in each corner of the “smart goal”, Shooter's intelligent software dynamically determines and displays the target corner on the monitor. Players take aim at the designated corner illuminated by a green light, challenging them to elevate their accuracy and speed. Post-shot, the embedded sensors evaluate whether the target was successfully reached, providing valuable insights into your performance.

Customize your training experience with Shooter's adjustable features, including time between shots, shot count, and the thrilling hardcore mode. Beyond training, Shooter adds an element of excitement to post-session fun, as players can organize tournaments for a competitive edge.

Explore a new era in hockey training with Shooter – a system where precision and speed redefine the game, providing an innovative approach to enhance player skills.

How Shooter “smart goal” system works

Step 1. Easy setting

Hockey training

Adjust features, including time between shots, shot count, normal or reverse regime and click PLAY.

Hockey training

Step 2. Start your training session

Step 2. Start your training session

Step 2. Start your training session

Shooter's intelligent software dynamically determines and displays the target corner on the monitor.

Step 3. Let’s shoot on goal!

Step 3. Let’s shoot on goal!

Players take aim at the designated corner illuminated by a green light, challenging them to elevate their accuracy and speed. Afterwards the player can see the results.

Step 3. Let’s shoot on goal!

Shooter “Smart goal” system top features

  • Game-Like Training. Immerse yourself in realistic game conditions with Shooter's ability to simulate "Read and React" scenarios, allowing you to take shots at any time and adapt to unpredictable situations.
  • Enhanced Reaction Time. Experience improved player reaction times as Shooter challenges you to respond swiftly to changing conditions, mirroring the dynamic nature of hockey gameplay.
  • Precision Evaluation. Utilize Shooter's real-time feedback to evaluate the success of your shots, providing a practical tool for refining and enhancing the precision of your shooting technique.
  • Speed Measurement. Elevate your game with Shooter's speed measurement feature, honing in on the power and precision of your shots. Tailor your training to become a more proficient striker, fine-tuning your ability to finish plays on the ice.
  • Customizable Training. Tailor your training sessions with Shooter's customizable features, allowing you to set the frequency of signal changes on the monitor and the duration of the signal display according to your specific training needs.
  • Reverse Training. Engage in reverse (hardcore) training mode, where the monitor prompts you to shoot in the opposite direction of the displayed signal. This challenging exercise enhances adaptability and strategic thinking, offering a unique twist to your training routine.

Shooter smart goal system to train shots on goal in hockey center

Shooter as part of the Fusion Skating Zone

Integrated within the Fusion Skating Zone, the Shooter "smart goal" system holds a significant role in our hockey player’s preparation system. Alongside a skating treadmill, synthetic ice, and various training tools, Shooter becomes a valuable component that aids in refining shooting skills, especially in dynamic skating scenarios. This integration is designed to cater to the needs of both beginners and professional players, emphasizing the practicality of on-the-go precision often overlooked in traditional training setups.

Shooter takes training a step further by fostering multitasking abilities. As players engage in simultaneous skating and shooting exercises, the system challenges them to synchronize movements effectively. This approach not only refines coordination but also mirrors real-game scenarios, preparing players for the unpredictable nature of competitive play. Beyond individual skill enhancement, the combined effect of skating and shooting creates a holistic training approach that contributes to a well-rounded player development strategy.

Post-training sessions with Shooter offer a recreational yet competitive outlet. Players can partake in friendly tournaments, injecting an element of enjoyment and camaraderie into their training routine. This aspect, particularly appealing to younger participants, not only reinforces a sense of teamwork but also contributes to a positive learning environment. In the realm of Fusion Skating Zone, Shooter isn't just a training tool; it's a dynamic facilitator of comprehensive player development, embodying our commitment to excellence on and off the ice.


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Shooter standalone solution to train accuracy and power of shots on goal

Shooter as a Standalone Solution

Shooter transcends the confines of specialized training facilities, presenting itself as a versatile standalone solution accessible to all hockey enthusiasts. Available for individual purchase, this smart goal system is designed for easy installation in Shooting Zones equipped with synthetic ice or even traditional ice surfaces. Its flexibility allows it to find a home in diverse settings, from personal garages with synthetic ice surfaces for individual training to public spaces like shopping centers with synthetic ice rinks for recreational fun.

Ideal for those seeking individualized training, Shooter can transform any suitable space into a personal training ground. The system can be mounted in any area with synthetic ice, offering hockey enthusiasts the opportunity to refine their shooting skills independently, providing a convenient and accessible training option. This adaptability makes it a valuable investment for players looking to elevate their game on their terms.

Moreover, Shooter brings an element of entertainment to public spaces, turning areas with synthetic ice rinks into dynamic hubs of fun and friendly competition. Mounted in these versatile locations, the system's user-friendly design encourages players of all skill levels to engage in shooting tournaments, adding an exciting dimension to leisure activities. By making advanced hockey training technology accessible in various settings, Shooter empowers almost every hockey enthusiast to train like a professional player, transforming their training experience with an affordable and adaptable solution. Its user-friendly approach makes it a practical addition for those who aspire to enhance their skills and enjoy the game on their terms.


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