Team Canada GM to support HDC project at IIHF World Championships in the Czech Republic
Rick Nash in hdc czech republick during iihf world championship 2024

Team Canada GM to support HDC project at IIHF World Championships in the Czech Republic

In the heart of Prague, the unique diagnostic and training hockey center, HDC, is undergoing a transformative rebranding and expansion phase. As the finishing touches are being applied, the center is gearing up for its grand opening in the coming weeks, with only minor details remaining. Originally known as the HTC center, HDC has been expanded, equipped with cutting-edge technologies, and has significantly enhanced its coaching staff. All signs point to a grand opening sometime in June.

We are delighted to announce that several prominent figures from the world of hockey are throwing their support behind the HDC center concept. They particularly highlight the uniqueness of the individualized training approach under one roof, coupled with the comprehensive player development and the integration of individual player growth into their team training schedules. During the World Championships, the HDC center had the honor of hosting Canadian hockey superstar and current General Manager of the Canadian National Team at the 2024 IIHF World Championships, Rick Nash.

HDC aims to not only build upon its programs and technologies but also on highly skilled and renowned professionals and globally recognized partners. Coaches with experience ranging from youth to professional and international hockey are drawn to HDC. Additionally, the HDC hockey center is poised to become an ideal hub for forging significant partnerships with multiple stakeholders in the sports and sports diagnostics fields.

Moreover, in the HDC center in Prague, we have curated a range of exciting programs catering to diverse groups of trainees. These programs promise to be engaging and beneficial for all levels of participants.

As HDC prepares to unveil its enhanced facilities and programs, the support from esteemed figures like Rick Nash underscores the growing importance of individualized player development and the role that centers like HDC play in shaping the future of hockey. With its commitment to innovation, HDC is poised to become a cornerstone in hockey development, not just in the Czech Republic but on a global scale.