New Hockey Center in Toronto

New Hockey Center in Toronto

Barnburner Academy

A few days ago, has been completed installation work on the assembly of equipment in a new hockey center in Canada. The center is part of the large hockey academy Barnburner Academy, which will begin its work in the upcoming days.

The configuration of the center is truly impressive. The Fusion Skating zone includes two latest generation HST A 230 006 skatemills, a large area with artificial ice. Also, the center will use the latest system for analyzing the player’s skating technique, based on artificial intelligence.

The center also contains a shooting zone, testing equipment and software. The center has all the necessary technologies for the development of players on ice, on the ground, and on skating treadmills.

We see a positive trend that interest in diagnostic training centers is steadily growing around the world. With the growth of interest, the geography of our centers is gradually expanding. We believe that we will soon be able to announce the opening of new centers in different parts of the world.