HDTS Group and SZH has agreed to start a pilot program for Slovak national team

HDTS Group and SZH has agreed to start a pilot program for Slovak national team

SportMind HDTS, a member of the HDTS Group and the Slovak Handball Association (SZH) have launched a pilot program for athlete development towards the 2022 European Championships. Recently, an initial testing of the players' fitness and coordination abilities, a mental analysis as well as an assessment of the state of health in terms of sports performance took place.

According to Zoltán Heister, the manager of Slovakian national men's team, the cooperation covered by SportMind HDTS should be very important, because it is necessary to support a comprehensive process of preparing players for the European Championships.

SportMind HDTS created the input analysis of overall mental training and implementation for the athletes and the coaching staff. Today, mental preparation is becoming an increasingly desirable in the means of developing individual and team performance. An analysis of the health status of players in terms of game performance was also set up in as well as testing the general physical conditioning of players and their fitness and coordination abilities on the latest equipment and software beeSPORT Tester. This system allows the coach to see short and long-term progress while storing all the needed data about the athlete. A comprehensive approach to training is one of the most important factors that makes the SportMind HDTS offer attractive to a variety of athletes, teams and national teams.

In fact, thanks to this approach, the coaches of the Slovak national handball team will be able to get complete information about the condition of their players, both in terms of health, physical fitness and mental condition. From the collected data, the coaching staff will be given a tool that will contribute to a more accurate and targeted development of individual players and especially the performance of the entire team.

We are glad that the offer has expanded in addition to hockey and football to handball.