Health and mind – key factors of nowadays sports

Health and mind – key factors of nowadays sports

Nowadays, more than ever, we need a strong focus on health. Health is not only a matter of physical state of the body, but rather the connection of body (immunity) and mind. Lots of sources recommend focusing on immunity, exercise, a positive mind, good habits, regular daily routine, focus on what works for you as well as study what you always wanted to, but did not have time to do so. Well, it's better to be ready than shocked or surprised afterward.

Try to imagine a place where you have the chance to discover anyone’s physical and mental state in connection to sports. How can I as a player or parent know when I am reaching my highest potential and how to get even better. For this purpose, the concept of HDC has been developed throughout the years. Such facilities were developed for ice hockey world at the first stage. It was mainly due to initiative of former players, team doctors, coaches and parents who were desperate to avoid any loss of talents, health issues, due to not appropriate training and losing numbers of passionate hockey players. They all wanted to discover mistakes made during the training process to eliminate them, and so fulfill the idea of raising healthy and highly skilled players. They all wanted players to avoid loss of interest in sports, but they wanted to foster passion, the health training processes for either their kids or professionals using training methods of the 21st century. Hockey Development Centers were thus created, but soon they outgrew their potential of being only off-ice hockey training facility and became the gateway for general sports diagnostics used all over the world.

Checking of health status, understanding your body limits, the process of recovery, testing of mental status along with proper motivations and preparing tailor-made training plans for a healthy body and mind is key for every athlete, who visits our training facilities. There is more to test with a focus on individual hockey skills in the gym, on ice and also on skating treadmill, which makes the development of crucial details in the sport of hockey as effective as possible for every age group.

Looking at body and mind as a whole in the training and connecting it with our unique technology by a systematic approach and effective tools help coaches to get better and raise better and healthier players. Fitness-coordination, individual hockey skills and mental preparation all very rationally connected with the aim to build a body and get it ready to show individual hockey skills on the highest level possible. However, of course, with the understanding of person nature, right nurturing and keeping competitiveness, engagement in self-training, raising passion and creativity, all with a strong focus on health. No selfish aim should be reached by hurting and endangering your sport and life potential.

That’s how our philosophy works. Focusing on health, understanding own limits with potential and creating a training environment where you work on yourself passionately. We do not just hope and wait to get healthier and stronger. We learn and create in order to help others and keep the culture of hockey, the most beautiful sports game always reaching for the stars.