HDTS showcases innovative technologies at IIHF World Championship 2024
innovative technologies at IIHF World Championship 2024

HDTS showcases innovative technologies at IIHF World Championship 2024

HDTS, a global leader in athlete preparation innovations, is proud to announce its participation in the upcoming IIHF World Championship 2024 in Prague, from May 10th to May 23rd. As part of this prestigious event, HDTS will showcase its cutting-edge technologies in the VIP zone of the O2 Arena, revolutionizing the way hockey enthusiasts train and develop their skills.

At the heart of HDTS's exhibition lies the multifunctional Shooting Zone, equipped with synthetic ice—a dedicated space for hockey players looking to refine their shooting technique and power skating skills. This space offers a dynamic environment where players can refine their techniques, strengthen their stride, and unleash their full potential on the ice. Central to this zone is the Shooter standalone system, a versatile solution designed for easy installation in various settings, from personal garages to public spaces like shopping centers. With Shooter, players can elevate their game independently, transforming any suitable space into a personalized training ground.

In addition to the Shooting Zone, HDTS will also demonstrate its top diagnostic ecosystem, beeSPORT. This comprehensive suite of applications leverages player data to track progress, monitor fitness levels, and optimize performance. With beeSPORT Suitcase, a set of peripheral sensors and devices, individualized tests can be conducted, providing valuable insights into players' physical capabilities. Additionally, alongside the mentioned technologies, HDTS will present intriguing features such as mental preparation or NeuroSense.

HDTS is proud to present its technologies alongside prominent industry leaders, including major companies who are significant partners of IIHF. This collaboration reflects HDTS's dedication to advancing hockey training and reaffirms its status as a pioneering innovator in the field. Moreover, HDTS will also participate in the traditional Coaching Symposium 2024, further solidifying its dedication to sharing knowledge and expertise within the hockey community.

Save the Date: May 10th to May 23rd, as HDTS invites hockey enthusiasts to experience the future of training and development at the IIHF World Championship 2024 in Prague. Join us as we redefine the boundaries of hockey excellence and empower players to reach new heights on the ice.