HDTS technology at the Slovak Industry Vision Day

HDTS technology at the Slovak Industry Vision Day

HDTS demonstrated its latest technology at the Slovak Industry Vision Day at the X-Bionic Sphere in Šamorín, Slovakia. The exhibition was attended by leading Slovak and European companies in the field of IT, green energy, mechanization and robotization, artificial intelligence, modern urbanization, etc.

HDTS introduced its beeSPORT high-tech ecosystem for testing and training athletes. Visitors were impressed by the interactivity of the system, the possibility of quick preparation for testing, low demands on the testing room, the speed of work and the speed of providing a complete report on test results.

The technology of our partners Moovement.Pro - Qinematic was also presented at the exhibition. This system can be used in the diagnosis of athletes as well as the general population. It captures the movements of the object {client} on the camera using a sensor, while recording deficiencies in body positioning, differences and imbalances of individual limbs. Thanks to this evidence, the physiotherapist can identify mistakes in posture that may cause the client pain or will increase the risk of injury in the future. It is said that only what can be measured can be improved. Therefore, the output is an interactive graphic evaluation of the testing, which can be used as a starting line for eliminating errors either independently or in cooperation with experts {physiotherapists, fitness trainers, doctors}.

For more information about Moovement.Pro system please visit Facebook and Instagram pages.

Our subsidiary company SportMind HDTS presented its top mental training product for athletes at the show. Psychologist Katarína Slováková told the guests about ways of working with the team and individual athletes, about the need to introduce mental training in modern clubs in order to achieve the best possible results.

The HDTS attracted a lot of interest from visitors, but also from companies that also exhibited their technologies. Perhaps in the future this could lead to an interesting collaboration that will further expand the HDTS portfolio.