Hockey center SET UP

The successful construction of the hockey center is realized according to a proven methodology, which consists of several stages. We are constantly improving the methodology to get exactly what you need, on time and in the required quality.

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1. Visualization

This is a graphical representation of the location of individual equipment in the space. Using visualization, we can define exactly where the components will be.

SET UP timeline

SET UP timeline

2. Configuration

The first prerequisite for the future success of the center is its correct configuration. It is extremely important to choose the right equipment that will benefit the center.

3. Logistics and assembly

The quality of work of the center requires a reliable combination of individual components. For this purpose, it is necessary to provide qualified specialists for assembly.

SET UP timeline

SET UP timeline

4. Installation of technology

In order to work in new hockey center according to the needs you need to have correct set up of the software. Our specialists can help you with this task too.

5. Staff education

Training programs can not be successfully carried out without trained coaches. We will provide high quality education and certification for the coaches.

SET UP timeline

SET UP timeline

6. Ceremonial opening

Cutting the tape is a good landmark on a way to build the center, however this is only the beginning of the systematic work with players.

7. Operation

…and this is the real life of the center.

Having well-prepared training programs is fundamental for the future success.

SET UP timeline