Ice hockey training facilities, skating treadmills, beeSport software

Products, services, and methodologies from HDTS are based on the requirements for future hockey players. They are the result of many years of research work done by our experts. The accuracy of their work is verified by everyday practice.

The level of performance of a team is set by the performance of its team members. We have developed the concept of individual player training. We support this training by a portfolio of our products and services.

Player development method

The HOCKEY development CENTER

HDTS company develops, manufactures and installs a wide range of products that comes from understanding of hockey nature. Our main product is the Hockey development center which is the complex systems with hockey focused programs and tools. These centers include tools for testing on a hockey treadmill (skatemill), ice and dryland.

Feedback comes in a report and is easily accessed via internet by our software beeSport. For an easier and more understandable orientation, the center is divided into four product packages (Skating, Shooting, GYM, and Testing zone).

Hockey Skating Treadmill | Skatemill     Center SET UP

ZONES of hockey center



Zone designed for development of individual skills such as skating, shooting, stick handling, passing and peripheral vision. The zone consists of our unique Hockey Skating Treadmill (skatemill) and other specialized technologies.



Created for player’s puck-handling skills development, focused on shooting, and stick-handling. To achieve desired quality and efficiency of the training process the area of this zone has to have a sufficient size.


GYM zone

Zone with the focuse on improvement of conditioning and coordination skills of players/teams. Gym equipment is customized to follow the specific training plans, both short-term and long term.

Testing zone


Testing of the player’s entry state is crucial for creating quality training plan and setting goals. Designed to prepare the most effective training plan for the players and the team. Testing is available on ice, on the Skating Treadmill and in the GYM.



The four base zones can be expanded with additional zones according to requirements and needs. These include Medical and Lab, Physiotherapist, Massage, Mental Preparation and Education, Seminar and Video Analytics Room, Coach Room, Dressing Rooms, etc.

beeSPORT app family

sports testing, analytics and planning SOFTWARE


beeSPORT app family - software for professional training of athletes. It consists of individual modules (applications) that communicate with each other.

Applications are not just for testing and diagnostics. They provide the test methodology itself. Their results can be compared with standards (norms). By identifying strengths and weaknesses, results help to develop an optimal training plan. After the completion of training, it is possible to retest and compare the results in repetitive training cycles.

Family is built on the latest software technologies. It can be used on various devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones).


The diagram below shows the individual beeSPORT modules.


  • beeSPORT|tester – Used for diagnostics and testing of the athletes. It contains several dozen different tests. They are general test applicable for various sports but also specialized. The application communicates with external devices measuring various physical values. The result is instantly available for the athlete or coach.

  • beeSPORT|wingate – It is an anaerobic exercise test, most often performed on a stationary bicycle, that measures peak anaerobic power and anaerobic capacity. You can perform this exercise test on the Skating Treadmill (Skatemill) to get the most accurate information about a hockey player.

  • beeSPORT|stride power – A special test to evaluate the power of skating and find the optimal speed of Skating Treadmill (Skatemill) to develop a player's individual skills.

  • beeSPORT|power gate – A test on the Skating Treadmill (Skatemill) helps us to find out the special anaerobic performance and the specific endurance of the ice hockey player. You can create an individual training program and recommendations for the best training practice.

  • beeSPORT|shooter - Improves the shooting skills of hockey players. Players shoot at various targets specified by the software. Players’ success rate it than evaluated.

  • beeSPORT|motion analyser - The application displays and analyses the movement of important joints of the athlete's body and helps to optimize the athlete's technique (for example, skating).

  • beeSPORT|reporter - Overview of the individual or team evaluation test results. Possibility of comparison with standards (norms). Player card with its history.

  • beeSPORT|analyser - An analytical tool for comparing and evaluating acquired information about athletes. It serves for SWOT analysis of players and teams.

  • beeSPORT|trainer - Application containing categorized trainings of athletes. It allows the trainer to create optimal training plans.

  • beeSPORT|skating instructor - Application containing a set of more than 200 video exercises on Skating Treadmill (Skatemill) and ice. Great tool for trainers to make the training process for every need of the hockey player.

  • beeSPORT|fitness instructor - Application containing a set of GYM exercises.

  • beeSPORT|reminder - A special smartphone app providing athletes an up-to-date training schedule.

  • beeSPORT|Live Delay - plays video of athlete's activity with a few seconds delay. Excellent tool for coaches and athletes.

  • beeSPORT|peripheral navigator - Helps to improve the peripheral vision of an athlete by various exercises.

  • beeSPORT|center - Information system of the sports center. Records of resources, different schedules. Registration of contacts, communication and other important documentation.


Software Roadmap

ADDITIONAL hockey equipment


Various hockey and GYM equipment can be found in our e-shop. These include balance training equipment for the development of balance and coordination, plyometric machines, equipment intended for the development of explosive force, as well as equipment and machines for the cardio zone or suspension training systems.

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