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Why is the Hockey Gym Zone being so important?

The Hockey Gym Zone holds a vital role within a comprehensive hockey training facility, and its significance cannot be overstated. In a sport as dynamic and physically demanding as hockey, it is essential to have specialized facilities equipped with cutting-edge simulators and training equipment tailored specifically for hockey players. This unique zone serves as the epicenter for honing the sport's intricate skills, focusing on the development of muscle groups and body parts crucial for hockey performance.

Specialized equipment targets the muscles and movements that are integral to a player's agility, strength, and precision on the ice. Moreover, the incorporation of stretching and conditioning preparation within the Hockey Gym Zone ensures that athletes are not only physically robust but also flexible and injury-resistant, further enhancing their overall performance and longevity in the demanding world of elite hockey. In this holistic approach to training, the Hockey Gym Zone becomes the foundation for producing elite hockey players who excel in every facet of the game.

Main components of the Hockey Gym Zone

The Hockey Gym Zone is divided into several specialized areas, each serving a distinct purpose in the development and conditioning of hockey players:


 Plyo, Fight zones in the hockey gym

Agility | Plyo | Fight

In these zones, often combined to one large zone, athletes work on developing explosive strength, agility, and fight training. The agility / plyo zone has tools such as plyoboxes of different sizes, training ladders, ropes or bosu - unstable training platforms.

Part of the zone is dedicated to fight training, part of the zone includes punching bags, and the last part of the zone is designed with Vertimax training equipment.

Strength zone in the hockey gym


Strength training on weight machines and free weights / training with dumbbells / rehabilitation training on isolated devices.

The strength zone contains selectorized machines for training all parts of the muscles + barbells and dumbbells for training with free weights.

Cardio zone in the hockey gym


The zone is intended for warm-up and cool-down, it is the main cardio zone of the gym. The warm-up zone contains ribs and tools for warming up, stretching and recovery.

The cardio zone has treadmills, an incline machine, a bicycle, rowing machines, cross-country ski ergometers, and elliptical trainers.

Speed zone in the hockey gym


An important element in terms of usability and design of the entire training zone is a special training floor 30 m long and 2 m wide. The speed zone also includes training sleds and other accessories.

Weight lifting, functional cardio, functional zones in the hockey gym

Weight lifting | Functional cardio | Functional

Equipped with state-of-the-art weightlifting equipment to target specific muscle groups and increase overall strength. Functional cardio zone combining cardiovascular workouts with functional movements to boost hockey-specific fitness and endurance. Focusing on functional movement patterns that mimic in-game actions, enhancing game-specific performance.

Testing zone in the hockey gym


Testing the initial state of the player is necessary to create a quality training plan and goal setting in the development of an athlete. The beeSPORT Diagnostics provide information to develop and deliver the most effective training plans for the player and team.


Incorporating these distinct zones into the Hockey Gym ensures that hockey players receive comprehensive training and conditioning tailored to the unique demands of the sport.


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Hockey Gym Zone benefits

This zone focuses on improving of conditioning and the coordination skills of players/teams. Gym equipment is customized to follow the specific training plans, both short-term and long term. In this zone we can provide Cardio, Strength, Plyo, Functional-stretching and Agility training.

What is it good for?

  • Everything hockey player needs for comprehensive training
  • Development of conditioning and coordination skills
  • Corrective exercises to maintain muscle balance
  • Explosive strength, agility, warm-ups, flexibility, stretching, etc.

What makes the difference?

  • Specialized zones created for each category of dryland training
  • Custom hockey equipment for more effective training


The hockey gym is an integral part of the player training facility. Its size and equipment depend on the size and purpose of the facility in which it is installed. If for small hockey centers and training zones a small gym for warm-up/cool-down and cardio is sufficient, then for large hockey centers it is necessary to equip a gym with all (or almost all) functional areas.

Contact us and our managers will create for you an equipment configuration that is ideally suited to your needs.


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