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We design and build a unique ice hockey training facilities with hockey treadmills for players development

What we offerHST Treadmill

We design and build a unique ice hockey training facilities with hockey treadmills for players development

What we offerHST Treadmill

We design and bulid your success ICE HOCKEY business - training facilities for a hockey player development. Hockey development centers (HDC) with 4 special zones.
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One of a kind concept of an individual player development model. Build on our own research, in-house production and software development.
  • Hockey specialists
FOR ALL categories of players and teams

Suitable for all ages and skill levels (elite players, youth, minors). Successfull with national, NHL, KHL players and Olympic medallists.
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    B - AAA

Start an unique development of hockey players

The individual HDTS player training model emphasizes:

  • athleticism
  • hockey skills
  • versatility
  • creativity, motivation, and enthusiasm.

Players are being prepared in unique hockey centers. Initial diagnosis determines the level of overall physical fitness, technical skills, mental readiness, and also the health of each player. All results are compared to average values within their age and performance levels. The result is an individual training program for each player, which is carried out with the help of hockey experts in specialized zones of the hockey center. The program may also include a recovery, nutritional and energy plan. A team of specialized sports psychologists takes care of the player's mental preparation.




... exactly according to your own requirements, intended purpose, technical or financing possibilities.

Build your hockey center

After the assessment of all requirements, a hockey center project is prepared. It includes configuration and visualization of the center, the proposition of our services and methodologies for the successful start of the center and the business plan for the new hockey center. Once all agreed criteria are met, you can become a member of the HDC Members (franchise).


VARIOUS types of hockey centers

As PART of sport facility

unique preparation of hockey players

As PART of sport facility

Hockey center as part of complex hockey arenas, stadiums or ice rinks. It usually contains all four zones. Its configuration and services are also optimized for near-ice use.


STANDALONE hockey center

Hockey Center

STANDALONE hockey center

Ice hockey center without nearby ice sheet. It can contain all four zones, including additional service zones. Hockey skating treadmill (skatemill) is also included, which makes possible to improve the skating technique without the possibility of on-ice training.


Skating Center


The center contains only certain zone/s. The most common is the Skating Zone with hockey skating treadmills (skatemill). It can be situated as a part of sports schools, various fitness facilities or amusement parks.

Reference centers

HDC Czech Republic hockey facility

HDC Czech Republic

Our educational and demonstration center in Europe with 4 zones - Fusion Skating Zone (including. 2 hockey treadmills), Shooting Zone, Special hockey gym Zone, Diagnostic Zone. 

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HDC San Diego hockey treadmills

HDC San Diego, California, USA

Our first HDC-type center in North America. The center has various training zones, including Fusion Skating Zone with 2 hockey treadmills and an AI-based Skating Analysis software.

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HDC Finland reference

HDC Finland, Tampere Pirkkala, Finland

The first hockey development center of its kind in Finland, with 2 hockey treadmills and shooting zone.

Built in 2018. 

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Result worldwide

since 2008


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Nikolai Prokhorkin about training with HDTS

Nikolai Prokhorkin

Nikolai Prokhorkin

Vyacheslav Bykov

Vyacheslav Bykov Russia national team headcoach

Norbert Javorcik

Norbert Javorcik Slovakia U18 national team headcoach