beeSPORT ecosystem for professional testing of athletes

Assessment of athlete’s fitness level, reports, analytical and planning SOFTWARE

... solution for optimal development of athletes

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By using the beeSPORT you will obtain:

  • Accurate diagnosis of athlete’s fitness level, identification of talented athletes.
  • Player’s card, player’s profile.
  • Comparing the results within the team, age groups and skill level.
  • Tracking and correction of the progress of the athlete.
  • Creation of optimal training plans.


Modular software ecosystem

  • Multisport solution (football, hockey, volleyball, tennis, swimming, ...).
  • Specialized tests for selected sports.
  • Designed for professional training of athletes, also for sports enthusiasts.
  • Who is suitable for:
    • Clubs
    • Associations
    • Sports centers & Academies
    • Professional fitness centers.


Individual athlete development & beeSPORT

beeSPORT covers several aspects of training process. 

model of individual preparation of athletes

beeSPORT | family

  • beeSPORT|tester – application for fitness testing. It contains several dozen various tests. These include general tests suitable for various sports, but also specialized tests designed for hockey and football. The application communicates with external devices measuring various physical characteristics of the athlete. These are part of the beeSPORT Suitcase. If the customer requires and it is technically possible, there can be adjustments made to connect the software to other devices. The test result is immediately displayed in both numerical and graphical form and then uploaded to the player’s card. The data obtained in this way can be used in other modules of beeSPORT. The application includes  methodical video manuals.

  • beeSPORT|reporter - application to create individual and group/team test reports. The data are interpreted in very clear way, in numerical and graphic form. Results can be compared with the standards or to the best result achieved in a particular group measured. The report may also include a coache’s comments as well as recommendations for improvement.

  • beeSPORT|lux trainer - application containing categorized exercises according to various criteria with examples. It allows trainers to build an optimal training plan.

  • beeSPORT|reminder - app for smartphones. The "trainer" module sends a training plan to a specific athlete on their smartphone and then use it in the "reminder" application, for example as a calendar.

  • beeSPORT|center - information system of the sports center. Center Resource Management - Premises, People, Equipment and Utilities. Timetable of the center, tracking of payments, customer relationship management, mail communication and much more.


Hockey edition includes

To improve the hockey players’ training process:

  • beeSPORT|live delay - playback of the training video with various time delay options. An excellent instruction tool for the player and especially the coach, where both can watch exercises shortly after they were performed.

  • beeSPORT|peripheral navigator -improves the player's peripheral vision with several effective exercises.

  • beeSPORT|shooter - improves the player's shooting ability. The player shoots at various targets, which are dynamically selected by the application. The system measures the puck's speed and records the player's progress history. Allows players to compete in training.

  • beeSPORT|skating analysis - a robust application that records the movement of a player. In the application it is then possible to analyze the movement of important points on the body of the athlete and thus helps, when properly interpreted, to improve his / her movement abilities, for example in skating.

  • beeSPORT|instructor - app containing about 200 video exercises on the Skating Treadmill (Skatemill).Excellent tool for improving players’ skating pattern of various skill levels.

Special tests for the Treadmill (Skatemill):

  • beeSPORT|wingate – anaerobic test, this test is often done for example on stationary bikes. Measures maximum anaerobic performance and capacity. This test can be performed on a Skating Treadmill (Skatemill) for a more accurate simulation of the hockey player's real movement.

  • beeSPORT|stride power – special test measuring skating power. An optimum speed of the Skating Treadmill (Skatemill) for the development of the skating skills is set.

  • beeSPORT|power gate – special test performed on a Skating Treadmill (Skatemill) that measures the anaerobic performance of hockey players in a movement simulating his/her real load during a game. Based on this, it is possible to define optimal training plans and recommendations for a specific player.


Software Roadmap

beeSPORT according to the training stage of the athlete


modules of beeSPORT ecosystem

beeSPORT workflow

... the solution covers the basic phases of the athlete's training process.

workflow of beeSPORT ecosystem

beeSPORT concept

The beeSPORT family of applications work with data that is collected in the player card. The player card contains basic information about the player, results of the fitness-coordination tests, health and mental health tests, various notes, comments and recommendations. Player cards are safely stored in the database, which ensures their uniformity in all modules of beeSPORT. All data for each player is stored continuously, thus beeSPORT allows you to monitor the progress of the player's development. Player parameters can be compared to standards.

beeSPORT Suitcase is a set of peripheral sensors / devices for measuring various physical values from our own HDTS production so that individual tests can be performed. If it is technically possible and there is a request to connect the beeSPORT | tester to other measuring devices, after a mutual agreement this connection can be done.

concept of beeSPORT ecosystem

User Interface

... is modern, ergonomic and responsive. It can be set in a dark and light mode.

user interface of beeSPORT ecosystem

beeSPORT | tester

An important module from the beeSPORT family for the diagnosis and testing of athletes. beeSPORT | tester will download necessary data from the player’s card before the actual measurement, including detailed information concerning the testing day. It contains mainly a list of tests and tested athletes. After the test, the player's results are displayed immediately on the screen. After the athletes have finished testing, the results are sent to the player’s card automatically. From the player’s card it is then possible to read and process data and create reports. beeSPORT | tester allows the trainer to comment the measured results, strengths, areas to be improved or various recommendations. beeSPORT | tester does not require an internet connectivity to work. It syncs with the player's card when connected to the Internet.

beeSPORT | tester contains more than 50 tests. These can be divided into several categories:

  • Fitness Skills
  • Hybrid Skills
  • Mobility Skills
  • Coordination Skills
  • Stationary Bike Tests.

Plus special tests for hockey can be divided into:

  • Tests on ice
  • Tests on a Skating Treadmill (Skatemill).

Various measuring instruments, sensors, training equipment are connected to the beeSPORT | tester application. The necessary set of these devices is contained in beeSPORT SUITCASE. These are:

  • Jumper
  • Agility Check
  • Tapping Check
  • Dyne
  • SWAY
  • Light Gates.
beeSPORT tester product to test athletes

beeSPORT | reporter

Application for creating various reports according to user requirements. Previous test, which were measured, commented and so on are stored in player cards. Reports can be divided into several categories:

  • Individual reports
    • Compared to norms (standards) or without comparison
    • Various types of norms (standards) are available (for different skill level and age categories, standards for a given group, team, ...)
  • Group reports
    • Compared to norms (standards) or without comparison
    • Comparing to the best within a defined group of athletes
  • Progress reports
    • The history of the athlete's development.

The report, in addition to the results from physical tests, may also contain other data from the player’s card. For example, data about the athlete's health or mental state. The result is a PDF report, but the data can be exported to MS Excel as well.

Example of individual report:

individual reports after tests in beeSPORT ecosystem


Group report example:

Test reports for players and teams in beeSPORT ecosystem

How to get beeSPORT

There are three ways you can get beeSPORT:

  • One-time purchase of licenses, this includes customer training program (application and methodology)
  • Lease software licenses on a monthly basis
  • One time (or recurring) purchase of service of diagnostics and interpretation of results and training plan set up.

Which way is best for you depends mainly on your specific needs and possibilities of working with the system.

Contact us for more information about beeSPORT, licenses, prices and terms and conditions. We will be happy to give you a presentation of beeSPORT software solution.

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