Testing Zone

Testing zone powered by beeSPORT solution

Testing zone powered by beeSPORT

Explore the benefits of the beeSPORT ecosystem, a comprehensive solution that simplifies the testing process in your training facility. Our innovative technology allows for efficient testing, prompt reporting, test results comparisons, and personalized training planning, making it easier than ever to enhance your athletes' performance.

Our beeSPORT ecosystem provides testing and careful management of training plans, which are vital elements of the preparation process for a hockey player in the training facility in which we supply components. Based on the results of these tests, our educated coaches will tailor a training plan for our customers, ensuring that it precisely addresses their individual requirements, optimizes the effectiveness of their training efforts, and aligns with their performance objectives.

Regular progress evaluations allow coaches and trainers to make timely adjustments to the training plans, reducing the risk of overtraining or injury and ensuring a safe and sustainable path toward realizing their full potential in the sport of hockey.

beeSPORT ecosystem dryland components

We differentiate between components for testing dryland and on ice. In the hockey gym, a special place is given to the testing zone, because it is one of the main components for the implementation of a high-quality and effective training process aimed at results. The testing zone is covered by the beeSPORT ecosystem, which includes the following components:

beeSPORT | Tester dryland

beeSPORT | Tester dryland

Set of tests and hardware to precisely evaluate the fitness level of an athlete. It retrieves data from the player's card, displays results, and syncs with the card. Trainers can offer feedback and recommendations. Internet connectivity is required only for syncing.

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beeSPORT | Tester dryland

beeSPORT | Reporter

beeSPORT | Reporter

beeSPORT | Reporter

This application is designed for generating customized reports based on user preferences. It compiles information from previous tests, including measurements and comments, all stored within the player cards. The generated report isn't limited to physical test results; it can also incorporate additional data from the player's card, such as health or mental state information. The final output is a PDF report, and the data can also be exported to MS Excel for added flexibility.

beeSPORT | LuxTrainer

beeSPORT | LuxTrainer

It is a comprehensive application featuring a diverse array of exercises organized into groups, facilitating the seamless management of training plans for athletes. These plans are meticulously crafted by our team of educated coaches, who leverage the results of comprehensive testing to tailor workouts that cater to an athlete's specific needs. With its user-friendly interface and expertly designed exercise regimens, beeSPORT | LuxTrainer empowers athletes to reach their performance goals efficiently and effectively.

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beeSPORT | LuxTrainer

testing zone with beeSPORT ecosystem


Testing Zone benefits

Testing of the player’s physical fitness is crucial for creating quality training plan and setting goals. It is designed to prepare the most effective training plan for the players and the team.

What is it good for?

  • Baseline fitness level testing of players/teams using specialized diagnostic system
  • Hockey skills testing
  • Short-term and long-term training plans, customized for the player/group/team
  • Adjusting training plans after re-testing
  • Testing (Diagnostics) available on ice, on a Skating Treadmill or in the gym

What makes the difference?

  • A set of specific tests in three different environments On-Ice, Off-Ice, and on the Hockey Skating Treadmill
  • Fast team testing process
  • Comparison of results among athlete’s age group
  • Summary report & results overview

The beeSPORT ecosystem allows testing in different training environments and for different sports, including hockey, football, handball, tennis and so on. It can be used without being tied to specific premises, the system is mobile, and the results are always available online. If you are interested in use cases and configuration options, contact us, our managers will select a suitable solution for you.


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