Hockey Development Center (HDC) as an integrated solution in Europe
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Hockey Development Center (HDC) as an integrated solution in Europe

Around the world, and especially in Europe, there is a trend towards the construction of a large comprehensive training facilities. These are facilities that combine various sports under one roof. Football fields, tennis courts, ice rinks and much more is integrated within such facilities. In some, it may even be covered slopes for skiing or a unique 55 meters diving pools. It goes with the appropriate infrastructure in the form of hotels, restaurants, shops, academies, and medical centers.

Such complexes will make it possible to simultaneously attract and enable to train entire teams from various sports, conduct preparations for competitions and the competitions themselves. All this in parallel with ordinary visitors. This gives a huge potential for business, especially in regions where there is a lack of sports infrastructure.

Hockey diagnostic training center under the HDC brand can also be part of a large training complex.

The center is divided into training zones (Fusion Skating Zone, Shooting zone, Gym zone) and a Testing zone along with a Mental preparation zone, laboratory for blood diagnostic and health assessment. All areas of the center are logically integrated with the environment of a large training complex.

In this environment, HDC hockey center becomes an inseparable part of the overall solution and can offer their customers the maximum possible range of services. We believe that soon we will see the first HDC center opened within the framework of big sport complexes.