Rising prices? We have good news!
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Rising prices? We have good news!

We would like to inform our customers that due to increasing prices we had to react accordingly and increase our prices which are effective from 19.4.2022. In the current situation of rising prices for components, production, electricity, transport and operating costs, we also had to respond.

The previously expected price increase of 15-20% was prevented, among other things, thanks to the support of our partners. We are glad to announce that we are increasing only our HW equipment by 12%. In addition, in some areas we are trying to make some innovative changes as compensation to our customers.

Thanks to our partners with whom we have signed long-term frame contracts, we have tried to maintain the best prices until at least the end of 2022. At the same time, we are very grateful that some of our partners have provided this support as a bonus for the sports field.

However, some negotiations are still ongoing. It is possible that in the near future prices for some components will reach up to 400% of current prices.

We can safely say that we have made every effort to ensure that our new customers are minimally affected by this financial and operational instability. We believe we can minimize the impact of Incising prices on our products.

Unfortunately, in the current economic situation we had to accept changing payment conditions which we had to transform towards our customers as unwilling market reaction. As a result, financial obligations of our company to subcontractors also increase, which will no longer allow us to participate in project financing support on the customer side.

We firmly believe that market conditions will not be significantly affected as our company registers an increased demand for our solutions. We are ready to undertake necessary steps for the successful implementation of all our projects.

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