HDTS expands presence for North American clients

HDTS expands presence for North American clients

Strategic office integration at HDC San Diego elevates customer experience

In a recent collaboration, HDTS, a prominent player in the construction of hockey training facilities, has partnered with HDC San Diego to establish an office. This strategic move is designed to facilitate direct communication with customers in North America, providing them with enhanced accessibility and personalized support. The incorporation of an HDTS office within HDC aims to strengthen customer relations and offer valuable insights into HDTS solutions.

HDC San Diego, now featuring the integrated HDTS office, serves as a tangible demonstration center for prospective clients. Visitors can explore the various zones, including the Fusion Skating zone with hockey treadmills and Shooting Zone with synthetic ice, gaining firsthand experience of HDTS solutions. Meeting with the HDC San Diego certified coaches allows potential clients to understand the training processes and benefits of incorporating HDTS facilities.

Beyond infrastructure, HDC San Diego becomes a venue for educational initiatives. HDTS plans to host conferences, seminars, and workshops within the premises, attracting coaches and clients from across North America. This educational outreach aims to elevate industry standards and contribute to knowledge-sharing and skill development.

Looking ahead, the HDTS office at HDC San Diego is expected to evolve into an educational and certification center. This strategic move aligns with HDTSs commitment to fostering excellence in hockey training and professional development within the hockey community.

In summary, the establishment of an HDTS office at HDC San Diego marks a significant development in the field of hockey training. Through improved communication, a dynamic demonstration center, and educational initiatives, HDTS aims to build a community of informed professionals and passionate enthusiasts, shaping the future of hockey training and development in North America.

You can reach our new office via phone: +1 (619) 432-4485, email:  [email protected] or come and see solution in action for yourself at 9865 Businesspark Avenue, Suite A, San Diego, CA 92131.