Fusion Skating Zone


Zone designed for development of individual skills such as skating, shooting, stick handling, passing and peripheral vision. The zone consists of our unique Hockey Skating Treadmill (Skatemill) and other specialized technologies including Skating analysis,Instructor, Live delay, Shooter, Peripheral navidation, Laser education, Stride Power and more.

What is it good for

  • Improvement of skating technique
  • Development of conditioning and coordination abilities - multitasking, Stride Power
  • Passing accuracy
  • Shooting development (technique, accuracy, shooting in stride, etc.)
  • Enhancement of Peripheral vision
  • Specialized hockey diagnostics (Skating technique analysis, Power Gate, VO2max, PowerGate...)

What makes the difference

  • Faster results based on a more effective training process
  • All the necessary training and testing technologies in one complex
  • High-quality product design ensuring reliable operation
  • Ergonomics coaching
  • Unique Hockey Skating Treadmill (speed, silent operation at max speeds, stiffness, reliability, efficient training technologies, adjustable slope setting, HST monitoring suite, ...)


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