A new milestone in the development of Ukrainian hockey
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A new milestone in the development of Ukrainian hockey

We are glad that a new era of hockey development is beginning in Ukraine. One of the main goals is the development of the infrastructure itself, which, however, will directly affect the league, the education of coaches or the improvement of the level of teams and players. The seriousness of intentions is confirmed by the fact that ten new modern ice arenas should be built under the program of the President of Ukraine. In this context, our company presented its portfolio at the HDTS seminar in Kiev yesterday. HDTS presented the latest knowledge in the field of methodology and technology used in modern hockey to train players, as well as in ice hockey diagnostic training centers.

The seminar aroused great interest among the representatives of the Ukrainian Hockey League clubs. As HDTS CEO Pavol Cupa noted: “We are very glad to have the opportunity in this difficult time to hold a real full-fledged seminar and share experience and knowledge with people who are directly interested in the development of hockey in their country. It is important to understand that in the modern world the requirements for players are constantly growing, respectively, the requirements for their training are also growing. Therefore, it was necessary to find a common language in this matter with the representatives of the clubs, to convey our philosophy. I hope that we have fully succeeded.”

The general manager of the Ukrainian Hockey League Yevgeniy Kolychev also attended the seminar, who highly appreciated the level of technology, methodic and the complexity of the know-how of HDTS: “Such meetings and seminars are now unfortunately extremely rare. However, it is a good experience to communicate with experts who help develop hockey around the world. I am sure that such meetings are useful in order to understand in which direction to move Ukrainian hockey and how to develop Ukrainian players.”

During the conference, complex issues of the development of Ukrainian hockey were discussed, which, undoubtedly, is on the verge of great changes. Perhaps this meeting will become an impulse for the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Ukrainian hockey, and, as it was presented, methods and technologies for this are already exist.

You can read more about the seminar by following the link on the official website of the Ukrainian Hockey League.