A brand new hockey center has opened in january in USA

A brand new hockey center has opened in january in USA

In early January 2021, 4DHockey has opened its diagnostics and training center in the Detroit Metro area. The facility focuses on every aspect of the game that links the ice's long life experience and connecting it under one roof.

4DHockey offers a unique training experience for all kinds of hockey players, mainly an exclusively designed training that starts with the initial testing using the HDTS beeSPORT analytic software and hardware. Thus, testing off-ice, on-ice, and on hockey skating treadmill gives players unique tailor-made training plans and focuses on supporting their strengths and eliminating weaknesses. Besides, 4DHockey is one of the first centers using the newest version of skating analysis supported by artificial intelligence.

The CEO of 4DHockey Petr Tichy gave us his first impressions of his brand new one-of-a-kind hockey center in Detroit below in a short interview.

What do you think about your new 4Dhockey center that is using the technology from HDTS?

"I think that there is no such center in Detroit that focuses on hockey development and uses modern technology. The data-driven technology produces analysis on each player individually, and according to that, unique tailor-made training plans are prepared. Our 4DHockey development center is about the gym's preparation and a unique skating treadmill and on-ice well. Therefore, as I have mentioned above, players are tested regularly on ice, off-ice, and on the skating treadmill, giving me insight into their strengths and weaknesses. According to regular testing and diagnostics, I can track their progress."

How does the Skating Analysis help you to motivate your players?

"Nowadays, it is easy to tell a player that he has been making progress without any background. However, the new Skating Analysis supported by artificial intelligence shows them the exact positions on how to improve their skating technique, and it always shows the progress. Comparing the skating analysis or the testing from before and after frequently shows new deficiencies. Therefore, a player can improve in various matters in a short time."

Did you found out something special when testing your players?

"An exciting discovery while using beeSPORT for on-ice and off-ice testing always shows similar weaknesses or strengths of each player that makes sense. Everything is transparent, and I have insight from a different perspective when comparing testing on-ice or off-ice."

What do your players say about the new 4Dhockey development center?

"Every player that was training in the new center was enthusiastic about each zone of the center. For example, they can train shooting and improve their hockey skills in the shooting zone using synthetic ice. Besides, players love the Live Delay on the hockey skating treadmill, seeing the skating improvements and their progress. My center is not boring, and players have fun when training and can improve many hockey-related skills."