HDTS and Cognexa signed a long-term cooperation agreement

HDTS and Cognexa signed a long-term cooperation agreement

Cognexa, a software development company in the field of artificial intelligence, and HDTS, have agreed and signed a long-term cooperation agreement on the development of a modern solution in the field of video analysis of hockey players.

The goal is to create an automated software system using AI / artificial intelligence from Cognexa to effectively evaluate the technique of correcting players during correction. The combination of modern HST A230 005 trainers, which has been developing and bringing to the HDTS hockey market for more than 11 years, and the involvement of artificial intelligence from Cognexy, is another step towards the innovation and modernization of HDC centers in the world. Through the deep learning system AI, more laborious and time-consuming video analysis should replace AI with a higher frequency of measurement and at the same time the accuracy of evaluation with the subsequent possibility of comparing data, respectively. results of work / training of players. HDTS will have another channel for creating norms and improving know-how about the idea of ​​effective correlation ...

The system is to be deployed in a pilot version at the end of the summer and in the HDC Czech republic demonstration center in Pribram for test operation.

You can see the first examples of the deployment of AI in action here, where the system evaluates and measures the angle of the knee in position from the side at the moment of detaching the skate from the ice.