The uniqueness of the solution, confirmed by the European Patent Office
patented solution

The uniqueness of the solution, confirmed by the European Patent Office

Two new patents

HDTS company from its foundation has been at the forefront of new technologies and methods for training athletes. The solutions of our company are rightfully considered unique and high-tech, especially considering the fact that they are actively used all over the world. It's no secret that our skatemills are some of the best on the market, but the combination with the technique and software that run on the hockey treadmills makes our solution truly exceptional.

From now on, we can rightfully claim that our solutions are truly unique. A few days ago, the European Patent Office published a decision that officially recognized our two new patents. The results of our work, research and development have finally been crowned with official recognition by the world's main patent office.

This momentous decision means that in the future it will be possible to significantly expand the functionality of skatemills with new, patented solutions. Thus, the training process in our centers will become even more diverse and focused.

The confirmation of the new patents coincided with another patent process in North America. In the US and Canada, the patent protection process is in the final stages of decision making. It should also be said that the patents of our company are valid on the other side of the globe as well, in Russia and China.

We are convinced that in the very near future we will be able to inform the public about the confirmation of patents in Canada and the United States. Following this, we will also announce the innovations that will be applied in our solutions for skatemills and hockey diagnostic training centers. As a result, this will further improve the quality and efficiency of the training process, which is the basis of the HDTS philosophy.