Another Fusion Skating Subpacket Update

Another Fusion Skating Subpacket Update

As we mentioned earlier, the Fusion Skating Subpacket unified application environment has received a new modern visual style and a lot of different additional functionality. But also, the apps included in the package has been upgrading.

Instructor application - video database of exercises on the skating treadmill received new training series. In particular, the user is provided with more than 200 different exercises on the skatemill, categorized by difficulty level and type. Also, whole training plans to work on the development of certain skills has been added.

The Live Delay instant feedback system will now be even more convenient to operate and manipulate. The Peripheral Navigation system has received a choice of a different number and type of stimulus appearing on the monitors, which will make the training "read and react" more complex and varied.

The Timer app is worth noting too. Now the training time countdown can be displayed on any monitor for the convenience of the coach.

This is only a small part of the innovations that are already included in the updated version of the Fusion Skating Subpacket, but that's not all. We are currently actively working on a series of new updates that will make working on the skatemill even more convenient. For more information about the package, please contact us.