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Russia applies a proven solution

Russia applies a proven solution

Companies HDTS and Raydo Engineering have won a tender at the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation, where solution HST C230 in the Skating zone will be delivered for 8 regions this year with plan of building additional 32 training facilities.

The main purpose of these facilities is teaching proper skating technique and shooting. Commonly, matches are decided in a few moments, by individual players and their individual skills, physical readiness, the quality of their stickhandling, skating technique, etc. Individual training is what makes this difference.

This solution is ideal for small hockey centers that are limited in budget or premises size, for public and private hockey schools, modern fitness centers and, of course, for the government sports development program across Russian regions. In addition, the installation of the skatemill is attractive from the point of view of business development.

The skating treadmill is designed in such way that it is possible to extend its functionality as well as its integral addition with Fusion Skating products such as synthetic ice, special diagnostic software and player development, training equipment and proprietary training methodology for players from HDTS. Including Instructor, Live Delay, Skating Analysis, Shooting navigation and peripheral navigation. For this purpose, we also prepared commercial expansion packages.

First models will appear at the end of May or early June.