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New country on the map of HDTS’s Centers
a new hockey center in poland

New country on the map of HDTS’s Centers

In November 2020, another country will appear on the HDTS map – Poland. Despite the fact that Poland is not a top tier hockey country, it still has its own hockey traditions. It should be noted that recently the idea of developing hockey here has taken off on its own. It is symbolic that in the town of Nowy Targ, where the club with the most championships in the country, Podhale, is building a new modern hockey diagnostic-training center with HDTS’s technologies that will soon open for individual player development.

Curently, during the limitations and quarantines caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, innovative approaches to player training are becoming very important . That is why even in such a difficult time, hockey centers are opening up all over the world, such as the one that will open its gates in Poland within two months. The ambassador of the new center will be a well-known hockey player, Podhale’s own Zdzisław Zaręba.

Establishment of the center in Poland can give a new life to the development of hockey throughout the country. Based on the example of successful centers around the world, we can say with confidence that the new hockey center in Nowy Targ will provide a quality basis for the development of individual skills of players and most importantly, will significantly increase the overall quality of skating and shooting techniques. We at HDTS believe that the world will soon know the names of new Polish talents who, thanks to their hard work in the hockey center, will be able to compete in the strongest leagues in the world.