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Demonstration activities in Detroit

Demonstration activities in Detroit

A few days ago, we posted an interview about modern trends and technologies in the field of the training process of hockey players. These technologies need to be implemented for the fastest and most efficient development of athletes, but also to increase the attractiveness and profitability of the business.

This demand for new technology is especially felt in North America, the world's premier hockey market. Not surprisingly, the highest level of competition among both players and coaches is a strong incentive to seek more high-tech solutions for player development.

Therefore, solutions from HDTS, as a leader in this field, face a strong interest. Founder of Cathy's Power Skating and also owner of Extra Hour Hockey Training Cathy Andrade, sought a more complex knowledge of the HST (hockey skating treadmill) and technologies for comprehensive diagnostic & training tools. Recently, Cathy, Randy, and Cameron Andrade visited our first North American hockey training center - 4D Hockey Training Center in Detroit to get acquainted with the equipment, software, and methodology.

The owner of the center and the coaches gave a detailed tour of the center and answered all the questions that arose. In particular, the guests were interested in the hockey skating treadmill, which is a part of the Fusion Skating Zone.

Interest was shown also in beeSPORT Skating Analysis diagnostic equipment and software for testing teams and individual players. “We were very intrigued to see what the beeSPORT skating analysis software system would produce and impressed with the report that was generated after Cameron skated on the treadmill.” -Cathy Andrade.

The San Jose visitors especially noted the versatility of its application and the quiet operation of the hockey treadmill. “The reduced noise level of the HDTS system, while in operation, was remarkably quiet compared to every other manufacturers skating treadmill that we have seen.” – Randy Andrade.

Also, a big plus is today's presence of a service team directly in North America, which greatly simplifies, speeds up, and most importantly, reduces the cost of all possible issues related to the annual maintenance of the skating treadmill or any problems that arise.

In conclusion, the guests were satisfied with the demonstration and returned home with the idea of establishing a similar training center right in San Jose for their needs in the professional and youth markets in Northern California and beyond.