HDTS with President of Slovakia in Canada and the USA
business mission of president of Slovakia to USA and Canada

HDTS with President of Slovakia in Canada and the USA

Technologies and innovations in the TOP business environment

HDTS is thrilled to announce its participation in an upcoming business mission, a significant collaboration between the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO), the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic, and the Representative Offices in Ottawa and Washington. This mission, accompanying the President of Slovakia Zuzana Čaputová during her official visit to Canada (January 29th – 31st, 2024), and working visit to the USA (February 1st–4th, 2024), serves as a prime opportunity for HDTS to showcase its leadership in athlete preparation technologies and cutting-edge software based on AI solutions.

As the world leader in creating professional hockey training facilities for individual athlete development, HDTS is proud to be a part of that mission in USA and Canada which are absolute top “hockey” markets. There will be an outstanding opportunity to showcase our technologies as professional skating treadmills, equipment, and software for diagnosing and enhancing athletes and teams.

Our company will join top Slovak businessmen and companies, alongside Slovak President Čaputová, to highlight innovations not only in sports but also in the dynamic world of business. We are poised to demonstrate our offerings and solutions based on AI, emphasizing our continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation.

HDTS is honored to be part of this exciting mission, reinforcing our commitment to revolutionizing athlete preparation and making waves in the world of IT innovation. As an integral component of the business mission, we are organizing several bilateral meetings. The schedule and geographical details of the business mission are outlined below.


Program of a business mission:


Ottawa, ON - Tuesday, January 30th

Toronto, ON - Wednesday, January 31st



San Francisco, CA - Thursday, February 1st- Saturday, February 3rd.

Pittsburgh, PA - Saturday, February 3rd – Sunday, February 4th