Software innovations for HDTS Hockey Training Centers

Software innovations for HDTS Hockey Training Centers

HDTS is continually pushing the boundaries of technological advancement, introducing updates that enhance the training process and player diagnostics in hockey centers. This article focuses on the latest improvements in the Fusion Skating zone and the beeSPORT ecosystem.

Fusion Skating Subpacket: a new level of training

The Fusion Skating zone is unique for developing fundamental hockey skills. Its core is the latest model of the HST skating treadmill, fully integrated into the environment. The puck transitions smoothly from the hockey treadmill to the synthetic ice and back, enabling efficient training for shooting, passing, and dribbling.

The latest enhancements in the Fusion Skating Subpacket include:

  • New ergonomic interface: ensures intuitive and comfortable operation.
  • Expanded exercises in the Instructor program: offers more options for personalized training.
  • Enhanced functionality of the Shooter system: allows for more detailed shooting practice.
  • Ability to use any monitor: flexibility in using available hardware.
  • Control via tablet or mobile: increased mobility and accessibility of the training process.
  • Guaranteed synchronized display from both cameras in the Live Delay system: allows coaches and players to analyze every movement and moment from different angles. 

beeSPORT: comprehensive player care

The beeSPORT family of applications collects data in the Player Card, which includes basic player information, results of fitness, health, and mental state tests, as well as notes and recommendations. The cards are securely stored in a database, ensuring data consistency across all beeSPORT modules. Historical data allows tracking the player's development and comparing their parameters with standards.

The latest enhancements in the beeSPORT ecosystem include:

  • New ergonomic interface: increases comfort and efficiency of use.
  • Design optimized for tablet or mobile use: allows flexible access anywhere, anytime.
  • Logical structure of applications and menus: simplifies navigation within the system.
  • Completely redesigned ISS (Internal Information System): provides all necessary information for center management.
  • Controlled access for management, coach, specialist, and the player: ensures everyone has access only to relevant information. 

Remote monitoring of HST Treadmills: efficient center management

Updates have also been made to the remote monitoring system for HST treadmills, which now offers:

  • Central overview of the center's situation: provides immediate insight into the current status.
  • New intuitive graphical interface: simplifies data handling.
  • Display of current status and historical data: enables tracking and trending of data.
  • Event-based system in the center: ensures quick response to emerging situations.
  • Integration of surveillance and camera display from the center: provides a comprehensive overview of activities in the center. 

Future with continuous improvements

The Innovative Sport Sciense development team is constantly refining our products, introducing new enhancements that improve the training experience in hockey centers. Stay tuned for our updates and expect further innovations that will elevate your training processes to a higher level.

With these latest improvements, HDTS rightfully proves itself as a world leader in the development and delivery of technologies for individual athlete preparation. These innovations will provide players and coaches with more tools to achieve higher performance and more efficient training.