The beeSPORT ecosystem lets you to control development of athletes

The beeSPORT ecosystem lets you to control development of athletes

The key to the successful results of athletes, both in individual and team sports, of course, is training. Correctly drawn up and skillfully implemented training plans allow teams to reach the highest standings, to develop players, thereby increasing their value, and to achieve better individual results. What is the key to successful training? This is complete and comprehensive information about the athlete's condition, on the basis of which the coach draws up a detailed training plan.

The integration environment of the beeSPORT ecosystem makes the process of testing athletes and planning training much easier and more intuitive, thanks to a single working environment. This is ensured by the modularity of the beeSPORT ecosystem, in a single interface there are various programs for testing athletes, for compiling reports with results, for working with training plans, and so on. Moreover, these different modules (i.e. different applications) can be from different manufacturers.

Here are some examples. Module beeSPORT | Tester is a complete player testing system made by HDTS. It provides pre-prepared tests with norms (by age and level of athletes, for reports) for various sports. Module beeSPORT | Reporter allows you to create reports on testing players, both individual and comparative in a group and in a team.

Currently, we are actively working with our partners, for example - Sport.Senses, to integrate their solution for measuring vision and assessing the impact of vision on the work of athletes in the beeSPORT system. This module will provide testing of the athlete's vision, the degree of synchronization of the image and its processing by the brain. This will allow in the future to work on the development of concentration, reaction speed, accuracy of coordination of movements, which can provide a difference for athletes.

The modular ecosystem of beeSPORT is constantly evolving and complemented by various applications for testing and training players. But already now it can be used as a database with all the necessary data about testing, health restrictions, as well as other useful information about a particular athlete, which a coach can access online at any time. Working with beeSPORT will make training even more effective.