HDC boosts North America
hdc center in north america

HDC boosts North America

Following a successful local service agreement in Canada and the US, here is another major milestone for entering the North American market. We present our latest solutions, methodology and programs as a single holistic concept - the HDC hockey diagnostic training center.

Hockey is a specific sport in which, first of all, athleticism and physical preparation, coordination, skating technique are important, but at the same time, stickhandling skills, passing and shooting technique and on ice perception has to be well developed. A good and successful hockey player is the embodiment of these qualities, constantly developed and improved.

We present a unique environment where all of the above, but also other necessary qualities, can be boosting individually, and therefore most efficiently and quickly. The HDC contains several training zones. Each zone has its own purpose and allows you to develop certain hockey skills, such as:

  • Skating technique;
  • Accelerations and starts;
  • Multitasking;
  • Stickhandling;
  • Shoots;
  • Passing;
  • Peripheral vision;
  • …and others.

It should also be noted that in the hockey diagnostic training center HDC you can work both individually with players and in groups. At the same time, the whole team can train in the center at the same time, divided into groups according to different training zones. Both professional hockey players and children/youth schools, teams, as well as amateurs can work in HDC centers.

Very soon, new centers will appear on our “hockey” map, which will allow even more hockey players to develop and achieve success in their careers. If you are also interested in implementation of modern technologies into the training of players in your region, please contact us.