Local service for customers in North America

Local service for customers in North America

Local project support for every trustful company is an integral part of working in different markets in different regions. Without timely service right in a particular region, products and solutions cannot be maintained at the proper level, there can be no development of the solution and after all –development of the business. Moreover, local support provides a significant acceleration of service activities, and most importantly, makes it clear to each new potential client that the company is ready to resolve emerging issues quickly and efficiently.

In this regard, we are proud to announce that our entry into the North American market is accompanied by an agreement to provide local service for our existing or future hockey diagnostic training centers.

For this purpose, a cooperation agreement was concluded with TUFF BUILT PRODUCTS, located in Winnipeg, Canada. The result of this collaboration will be improved customer service in the North American region, as well as a simplification of the implementation of service monitoring or preventive maintenance on our high-tech equipment.

We hasten to assure our existing and potential customers that the highest quality standards set by our company will continue to be maintained, but already together with our partners. The quality of production and the direct control of the production process continue to be our highest priority in order to reduce the likelihood of a service in the future.

We at HDTS believe that this official partnership statement will provide answers to potential questions from customers in North America who are just considering opening these training facilities. From our side, it is absolutely clear that the local service arrangement is another key step for full operation in the USA and Canada.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our managers will contact you shortly.