Introducing the next generation of beeSPORT
beeSPORT software to test the athletes

Introducing the next generation of beeSPORT

The beeSPORT ecosystem is a comprehensive solution designed for athlete testing, reporting, analytics, planning and more. It offers precise diagnostics, talent identification, player profiles, and performance comparisons within teams and age groups. Coaches can track and adjust athletes progress and develop optimal training plans. This modular software ecosystem supports multiple sports, including football, hockey, volleyball, tennis, with specialized tests for each sport. Designed for both professional and amateur athletes', beeSPORT is ideal for clubs, sports federations, academies, and fitness centers, providing a centralized platform for comprehensive athlete information.

At HDTS, we are committed to evolving our software to align with our philosophy and model for player development. Our approach encompasses various aspects of athlete preparation, from general physical conditioning to specialized training, health limitations, recovery, nutrition, and mental preparation. This model ensures a holistic development process, incorporating player testing, result interpretation, training plan formulation, goal setting, and performance evaluation. This comprehensive methodology underpins every aspect of our training solutions, fostering a structured and effective athlete development process.

We are excited to announce significant updates to the beeSPORT system, aimed at enhancing usability and ergonomic efficiency. The primary highlight of the update is the simplified user navigation within the system. The new version will feature intuitive application management, allowing users to easily identify the role of each application within our player development model and process. Depending on the chosen training aspect (e.g., general or specialized preparation) or process stage (e.g., testing or planning), the system will display the relevant applications installed for those specific areas.

This innovation will provide a clearer understanding of our training philosophy and the interconnectedness of training processes. It will significantly enhance coaches' effectiveness by offering a more transparent and accessible interface. This exciting update will be available in the upcoming release, which we expect to roll out shortly. Stay tuned for these improvements designed to elevate your training management experience with beeSPORT.