HDC as an upcoming standard in the field of individual player development

HDC as an upcoming standard in the field of individual player development

Our company's goal is to make sophisticated hockey centers branded as HDC the global standard in individual player preparation. These centers consist of four training zones: Fusion Skating zone, Shooting zone, Gym zone, and Testing zone. Each zone is designed to enhance player's skills, providing top-notch equipment and innovative technologies.

Choosing HDC means more than just establishing a training center; it's about creating a premier destination for player development. Our clients follow our expert recommendations when configuring their centers, incorporating all training zones and offering programs aligned with our guidelines. This ensures the fastest and most effective training processes, setting HDC centers apart from the rest.

Our company has long been focused on developing individual player's preparation method in collaboration with global experts. We apply this approach primarily in our HDC-branded centers, where players achieve rapid and efficient improvements. The key idea is the correct application of scientific findings from research and development into practice, which is one of our company's important tasks.

Our company's strategy focuses on building key HDC centers worldwide.

An important step in our journey is the opening of a new center in Prague, equipped with the latest technologies, serving for demonstration purposes and as a training center for coaches. HDC Czech Republic in Prague will not only meet high standards in working with players but also support education and verification of scientific methods in practice.

It is worth noting that our collaboration with partners, such as SportSenses for testing athletes' visual impact or SportContract for hockey game analysis, among others, has become an integral part of our successful path in individual player development.

We believe that by combining the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, with innovative training methods developed in collaboration with global experts and in partnership with our service providers, we will create an exceptionally attractive product in the market. Such a product under the HDC brand could become the standard for individual athlete training worldwide.