A new hockey skating treadmill for the best price

A new hockey skating treadmill for the best price

HST C230 Limited Edition 2020

Currently, in the hockey world, additional individual training which is part of team training is becoming a necessity. Commonly, matches are decided in moments in which the individual skills of athletes, their physical readiness, the quality of their stickhandling, skating technique, etc. play a decisive role. Individual training is able to make this difference. The place for individualized training are modern hockey diagnostic training centers. There, in a unified environment, specially composed of various zones, which include everything necessary for the needs of a hockey player. It is the most effective way to work comprehensively with players and achieve better results.

In Russia, these centers find popularity not only as commercial projects, but also as part of the government programs for development of sports. An integral part of the centers is the skating zone for skating technique development, which includes a hockey skating treadmill. In the case when it comes to public funding, often the key role is played by the price of the final product, and the complexity of the components and the quality of the materials fade into the background. However, it is precisely the quality of our products that we at HDTS pay the most attention to, because of this, HDTS has been a leader in the field of quality of supplied products for many years. In this regard, HDTS has developed a new product - the HST C230 Limited Edition 2020 hockey skating treadmill, which is not inferior in quality to its older brother HST A230, and also meets all the requirements for modern skating treadmills at a significantly reduced price.

Here are just a few of its options:

  • Speed range 1-28 km / h.
  • Lower treadmill's height.
  • Barrier-free transfer of the puck from the surface of the treadmill to the puckplate.
  • Ability to expand the solution to the level of a full-fledged Hockey Center.
  • Metal construction of the player’s safety system.
  • Handle system located on the ground.
  • Water cooling system.
  • Online monitoring system.
  • Synthetic ice.

You will find a complete list of it's parameters on our website. This solution is ideal for small hockey centers that are limited in budget or premises size, for public and private hockey schools, modern fitness centers and, of course, for the government sports development program in the Russian regions. In addition, the installation of the skatemill is attractive from the point of view of business development in the near future, because our company has developed special additions that will make your skating zone with a HST treadmill a top of the line hockey diagnostic and training center with all the attributes - synthetic ice, special diagnostic software and player development, training equipment and proprietary training methodology for players from HDTS.

Of course, the geography of deliveries of the HST C230 Limited Edition is not limited to the borders of the Russian Federation. We, in HDTS, on the contrary, see great potential for applying this a solution in Europe, America or Asia, given the lower final cost of the product, significantly reduced requirements for installation rooms and, consequently, faster commissioning of the solution. If you are interested in the possibility of installing the HST C230 Limited Edition 2020 hockey treadmill or you would like to know more about the possibilities of expanding this solution, please contact us, our managers will be happy to answer any of your questions.