How to choose hockey skating treadmill

The main purpose of a Hockey Skating Treadmill

  • Is the main focus on improvement of skating technique or only implementation of conditioning?
  • Assessment of skating technique.
  • Is there a need to improve technique of skating elements such as; skating forwards, backwards, starts, turns, cross-overs, …?
  • Is there a need for a system in training of kids, adults, professionals, …
  • Are you only looking to improve skating or also want to improve your shot, stickhandling, passing, peripheral vision,…?
  • Do you want to be faster/do you know at which speed you have the biggest power/performance?
  • Are you interested in the knowledge of physical performance/preparedness of a player? (Wingate test)
  • Do you need a methodology for individual preparation?


What properties should a Hockey Skating Treadmill have?

  • Room not only for skating but also for stickhandling, shooting, etc.
  • Simulation of such conditions as on ice.
  • Moulding quality – service life.
  • Suitable for training ergonomics - low noise.
  • Reliability, video monitoring and service of a Hockey Skating treadmill.
  • Safety of the players, coaches.
  • Price / Performance.
  • Speed and quality of the installation.
  • Suitable scalability, configurability, eg. Linking of 2 Hockey Skating Treadmills resp. product integrability eg. Progressively purchasing diagnostic/training equipment in addition to the Hockey Skating treadmill.


What is important for business?

  • You need to know for whom the Hockey Skating treadmill is made (Individual/Group/Team preparation, Kids or adults, Pros or amateurs).
  • The knowledge for building the right configuration.
  • The knowledge for appropriate programs, which will be used along with the Hockey Skating treadmill.
  • Creating a business plan.


What not to forget, when building a centre?

  • Precise visualization of the space.
  • Provision of support pre-project documentation.
  • Training of personnel to operate, mainly in the methodology of training on the Hockey Skating treadmill.
  • Support of operation – helpdesk, lowering the service rate, fast and reliable service in the case of need.
  • Even with our long-standing development, we have sought to reflect these substantive issues.


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