Hard to find suitable premises? We have got a solution

Hard to find suitable premises? We have got a solution

Modern double layer air-domes

In many cases our clients are trying to open their hockey-diagnostic center as soon as possible but many times they face fundamental issue at the beginning of their projects – suitable premises. No doubt there are technological requirements for setting up top notch technology (including skatemill) combined in several training zones. Thus, it is quite hard for clients to find suitable premises with all technical parameters to fit their hockey center in and open it. Sometimes there are no such premises in the whole region and opening might take few years.

Thanks to cooperation with TILEA (one of the few world air-dome manufacturer) we are offering you new solution. We are bringing new hockey-diagnostic center inside the air-dome. These air-domes can be basically built in any are suitable for sport purposes. Key advantage of this solution is its simplicity and fast installation. Air-dome can be delivered to the customers in few weeks. Another key features are good insulation which enables stable temperature inside the air-dome, air ventilation as well as its stability. Due to its design these air-domes can be used as warehouses as well as space to fit soccer, tennis and whole hockey center in.

Versatility of these air-domes is limitless as they are always built to customer requirements at any size. If you decide for this solution whole hockey-diagnostic center with full natural ice, technology and training zones can fit inside, under one roof! You can also decide for smaller solution – hockey training center with skatemills under these air-domes.

This air-dome solution is picking up on its popularity all over the world due to its quick feasibility. HDTS consider these air-domes as very progressive solution while looking for suitable premises for your hockey diagnostic training center. If you find this interesting and would like to know more about this solution feel free to contact us and we will provide you with all details.