Collaboration Models in North America

Collaboration Models in North America

The growing interest in our company's solutions in player development and creation of the hockey training facilities forces us to change the standard cooperation process implemented in Europe. In terms of the expansion of our activities in the North American market, we present several novelties regarding the form of cooperation in this region.

Perhaps the big news is the franchise or license model that will be available to our partners in North America for our top ice hockey center brand, HDC® (Hockey Development Center). Of course, this model comes with several advantages and obligations while simultaneously a minimal setup configuration is required. All of that is a part of this new model and it´s currently being finalized in terms of licensing and franchise agreement.

The second news for clients who want to establish an HDC® but do not have suitable premises yet (or looking for suitable premises), there is the possibility of signing a future contract. This will allow us to focus on the production of the components, thus speeding up the process and not wasting time waiting till the premises are bought or the lease is signed. The client will get the unique opportunity to start a business partially and start a marketing campaign.

Also, in view of the fact that there were cases when our projects were used by the competition, we decided to provide a number of standard services only after signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This will safeguard both our know-how and the client's intentions to build HDC® or a Hockey Diagnostic Training Center. NDA is considered very important for both parties while creating trust and the foundation of a strong partnership between Client-HDTS. The full list of services covered by the agreement will be presented later on.

We hope that these innovations will make our work even more focused and affable to the needs of the client, and will significantly speed up the processes associated with engaging in cooperation with a client.