Specialized HDC (Hockey Development Center) gym

Specialized HDC (Hockey Development Center) gym

Complete & integrated solution for the development of hockey players

As of May 1, our company is proud to announce that we prepared a professional and zoned fitness concept for the HDC solution for the North American region. We can offer this solution integrally with our solution, while it can be secured from partners directly in North America.

It is aimed not only as a cardio zone but also for the development of condition and coordination skills.

It is also important to emphasize that this is not only about the delivery of the equipment but at the same time, it represents a fundamental part of developing professional players as well as kids of all ages. In fact, studies show that developing general skills under the age of 15 can help accelerate the development of specific hockey skills. That means that by focusing on general fitness and coordination skills early on, kids can build the foundation they need to excel in hockey and also other sports.

If you are interested in a HDC solution or a specialized gym, all our sales representatives will provide you with information.