New product line of the HST skatemill
skatemill elephant

New product line of the HST skatemill

Current trends in hockey are generating high demand to improve and streamline the training process. This request resulted in an assignment on the extension of our product line of skatemills. That's why we've developed a brand new HST Elephant - an innovative solution to improve skating technique, starts, conditioning, coordination and hockey skills.

Despite the difficult pandemic situation, new hockey centers are emerging around the world, where the Fusion Skating Zone (with one or more skatemills) play an important role in enabling training for hockey players of all ages and professional levels. The new solution of the skatemill will also be included in the offer within the hockey centers.

In this zone, players can work on improving the technique of skating, stickhandling, shooting or passing. At the same time, they can incite peripheral vision, perception and decision-making - we wrote about this in detail in the previous article. The new “Elephant” skatemill will allow an even greater range of movement on the functional surface while skating, and at the same time the players will have more space for more skating drills such as cross overs, turns... However, hockey is not the only ice sport, and therefore there has been a demand that the skatemill can be used, for example, by speed skaters. Would training on a hockey skating trainer within hockey centers be beneficial for them?

Hockey skatemill also for speed skaters HST Elephant developed primarily for:

  • Development of shooting while constantly skating, development of skating technique with a larger range of motion on a moving surface, other exercises for hockey players,
  • Full integration with programs and applications within Fusion Skating Zone and beeSPORT, including professional testing, “Shooter” shooting development system, Instructor, etc.,
  • This skatemill can also be used for the needs of speed skaters, it has a 30 cm wider surface of the functional surface, which will allow the skater to have a more pronounced lateral movement and also have a lower skater position of balance(center of gravity). At the same time, the construction brings a new security and safety system, tolerating a large inclination of the athlete's torso.

HST Elephant can be configured as a stand-alone training tool or as part of a comprehensive sports development center. We will inform you about other parameters and features of this new skating trainer in the near future, but you can pre-order it now - just contact us.