Announcement of new products of the company - spring 2021

Announcement of new products of the company - spring 2021

This month, our company announces the practical introduction of three significant innovations into its portfolio.

New generation of Skating Analysis. After successful piloting in several centers (for example, Finland, USA, Czech Republic, Russia ...), the solution of a new generation of assessment of key skating technique positions was implemented in an automated method. The player's model is processed in a way based on artificial intelligence that identifies him automatically.


Another novelty is in the area of supporting the development of the player's shooting skills. We are coming up with a new generation of solutions, called Shooter. Shooter contains a set of functionality of our previous solution Shooting Navigation, plus is extended by a system for measuring the speed of shooting, collecting the overall results of the player's shooting success and monitoring his history. The system also enables the competition of several players during training, or the overall support of monitoring the player's development in shooting.


However, the most important thing we present in our portfolio is, in terms of the promised gradual integration of our applications, the beeSPORT integral solution. After the Tester and Reporter application, the LuxTrainer application is now implemented in this platform - a solution for creating training plans. The connection to both the interpretation of the Mental Analysis and the interpretation of the Limitations associated with the Health Condition is also resolved.

If you are interested in our new products, for more information, write or call us.