Hockey training center between Dortmund and Bielefeld set to boost regional development

Hockey training center between Dortmund and Bielefeld set to boost regional development

We are thrilled to announce the opening of a cutting-edge Langenberg hockey center between Dortmund and Bielefeld, Germany, marking a significant milestone for hockey development in the North Rhine-Westphalia region and neighboring countries. This facility stands out as the first in the region to feature the innovative HDTS solution, setting a new standard for hockey training.


Advanced training zones for skill mastery

At the heart of the hockey center is the Fusion Skating Zone, designed to enhance individual skills such as skating, shooting, stick handling, passing, and peripheral vision. The zone features our unique Hockey Skating Treadmill (skatemill) HST and other specialized technologies. Complementing the skatemill, the zone also includes synthetic ice and advanced technologies like an AI-powered skating analysis system and a smart goal system to refine shooting skills.

Additionally, the center boasts a dedicated Shooting Zone with synthetic ice, providing an ideal environment for players to develop their skating, stickhandling, and shooting abilities comprehensively.


Comprehensive development methodology

To ensure the highest quality of training, centers' coaches recently participated in an intensive three-day training course at our demonstration and educational center, HDC Czech Republic, in Prague. Led by top specialists from Eduprosport, part of the HDTS Group, the course equipped coaches with the skills and knowledge to implement our advanced player development methodology.


Expanded amenities for a complete experience

The new center also features a large hockey gym equipped with numerous trainers to support comprehensive physical conditioning. Additionally, a well-stocked hockey shop is available for players and fans to purchase all necessary equipment and apparel. For the convenience of parents, there is a bar and comfortable waiting areas where they can relax while their children are in training.


Anticipated grand opening

The grand opening of the hockey center is scheduled for mid-July. As final touches are being completed, a pilot operation will be conducted to ensure that coaches are fully acquainted with the technology, enabling them to provide exceptional service to our customers from day one.


A bright future for German hockey

We are immensely proud to bring this state-of-the-art facility to the region, marking it as the first of its kind in North Rhine-Westphalia. The rapid development of German hockey necessitates more facilities like this one, and we are actively negotiating to open additional centers across the country.

This new Langenberg center is just one part of our broader expansion strategy. We are nearing the completion of preparations for two major training facilities in Canada and are in discussions for several more in North America. We are excited about the opportunities this growing hockey market presents and are committed to leading the way in professional individual player preparation.

Stay tuned for the grand opening and join us in revolutionizing hockey training in Germany and beyond.