Creation of a hockey center
hockey center with skatemill

Creation of a hockey center

Are you thinking about opening your own hockey diagnostic training center in your region? In this article and video, we will present you with a standard procedure, individual steps that are mandatory when implementing such projects.

First of all, every project begins with defining a specific configuration for the client. Depending on his ideas about the size of the planned business, target groups of potential clients, possibilities with premises for the project, budget, etc. the most suitable configuration is determined.

Based on the selected configuration, created in accordance with the client's premises, a visualization is made. A visualization provides an opportunity to look at the location of all components of the center, and a 3D model allows you to imagine what it will look like in all details.

Then, after following all the formal procedures, comes the logistics. Delivery of goods to the site, installation of technology at the client’s premises. After installing all the parts and components of the future center in place - HST skatemills, synthetic ice in all training zones, hockey equipment, gym components, etc. - connection and configuration of all “smart” electronics follows. Cameras are configured for the Skating Analysis artificial intelligence skating technique analysis system, “smart goals” with sensors and radar Shooter, the beeSPORT diagnostic ecosystem and many other components, depending on the configuration. When all technical measures have been completed and the center is ready for commissioning, trained (and certified by us) trainers can gradually begin pilot trainings.

Officially, the preparation process for the center ends with the cutting of the red ribbon at the grand opening ceremony. It should be especially noted that throughout the entire process we are in close contact with the client and promptly respond to possible changes, and provide full support when launching the project.

Once opened, we also provide various services to support the progress of the business. For example, personal leasing of trainers (who are well acquainted with the technologies and processes of work in the center) can significantly help in the first months. If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us, our managers will contact you as soon as possible.