Development of players in hockey club of Slovak top tier league
hdts zvolen cooperation

Development of players in hockey club of Slovak top tier league

Cooperation with HKM Zvolen, this year's vice-champion

Our company and HKM Zvolen have agreed on cooperation in the field of individual development of players or specialised diagnostics.

Based on the successful cooperation in Slovakia within the former hockey center HDC Europe with the club HC 05 Banská Bystrica, as well as work with leading clubs in the KHL (e.g. SKA St. Petersburg) or VHL (Neftyanik Almetievsk) and the Slovak U-18 National team, a new very interesting collaboration will take place. Just before the start of the new season, an agreement was reached to support the individual development of players in the HKM Zvolen club with methodology and technologies by HDTS.

It was the individual development of players, the inclusion of individual training in teamwork that became an important factor that determined future cooperation. In addition, the beeSPORT player testing system has already been delivered to the hockey club HKM Zvolen, which will be used for regular testing of all players.

We note that the first initial testing will be carried out "now", i.e. before the start of the season. Accordingly, coaches will have a complete picture of the status of each member of the team based on the actual results of their players.

But the main aspect to which much attention will be paid in the work is the education of the youth. The system is focused on the result, and the best results can be expected in the field of education of young novice hockey players in the club structure.

This should also be ensured by the upcoming project of creating a hockey center with all modern technologies on the basis of the HKM Zvolen club. However, if the project of the hockey diagnostic and training center is a matter of the future, then we can already talk about starting productive work in the field of professional diagnostics of players.

It can be expected that the new season will bring many interesting moments. We, in turn, expect to do our best to achieve the top results in game performance and ensure everything necessary for the most effective development of the players in the club. After all, as we keep repeating: Improve the player, make the team better.