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Development of skating technique in schools in Russian regions

Development of skating technique in schools in Russian regions

The results of the recently launched federal project “Sport is the norm of life” are gradually making themselves felt. As part of the state program, deliveries of sports equipment to various regions throughout the Russian Federation are being implemented. It was for this program that the special HST C230 skatemill was developed - an ideal solution at a reasonable price.

HDTS has signed a contract with its partners Raido Engineering for delivery of 8 HST C 230 skatemills under the Federal Program in the Russian regions. The project is scheduled for the 3-4th quarter of 2020. Thanks to a special developed system of “lightweight” installation, there are virtually no special requirements for the premises for placing the skatemill and a quick commissioning system, the skatemill will be put into operation almost immediately after delivery to the region.

When developing the HST C 230 skatemills, all the requirements for modern hockey schools for the full development of players were taken into account. Therefore, the possibility of further integration of the skatemill into a full-fledged hockey center was taken into account, with related equipment and software allowing to implement the whole range of diagnostics and training of players, starting from a shot success assessment system, and ending with a system for analyzing skating technique and other special hockey tests.

The HST C 230 is the innovation and modern technology that makes it the most advanced technical solution of its kind. In addition, the standard is high build quality, long service life, full technical support, quick installation, and, of course, the ability to expand the solution for integration into a modern diagnostic training hockey center. Eight Russian regions, thanks to the cooperation of HDTS with Raido Engineering, will receive a functioning zone with the HST C 230 this year.

For all questions regarding the HST C 230 skatemill or the possibilities of delivery as part of the Federal State Program, please contact us.