Why has Nikolaj Prokhorkin, olympic winner come to Slovakia?
Nikolai Prokhorkin hockey treadmill

Why has Nikolaj Prokhorkin, olympic winner come to Slovakia?

To get ready for new season of NHL! “I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the system of preparation and the overall professionalism in HDC Slovakia - Nikolaj Prokhorkin, L.A. Kings player, KHL Gagarin Cup winner and Olympic Gold medalist.

HDC Slovakia player experience:

Under the supervision of our hockey, fitness, mental, physio and nutrition experts, players have trained in five environments:

  • ice rink,
  • hockey skatemill,
  • track & field,
  • functional hockey gym & shooting zone,
  • CrossFit gym.

All these training environments are located in one training & diagnostic hockey complex, which makes Hockey Development Centre - HDC Slovakia the only center of this kind in the V4 countries in middle Europe.

  • Development of Individual game skills & skating technique was trained on ice and in the skating treadmill zone,
  • In the gym and track & field sessions training, there is a priority on developing functional and explosive strength as well as speed, agility, and endurance of the players,
  • In addition to the above-mentioned trainings in CrossFit gym are focused on special strength training & weightlifting,
  • Boxing training sessions for development of explosive strength & endurance of the players are also included as well as cryotherapy sessions & massages.

Apart from Nikolaj Prokhorkin, other notable names training in HDC Slovakia include:

  • Bogdan Kiselevich - Olympic champion, last year played for Florida Panthers
  • Roman Abrosimov - KHL champion
  • Jánoš VÁS (DVTK Jegesmedvék) – Captain of Hungary national team
  • Oliver TURAN (Acadie-Bathurst Titan) – QMJHL player, Captain SR U18
  • And many other …

Reason why pre-season individual training at our HDCs pays off:

  • comprehensive player diagnostic based on which we measured and tested the current level of players abilities and subsequently prepared an individual training micro-cycle of 2 to 8 weeks. The aim is to develop the skills of the players while eliminating their shortcomings in order to improve their game performance on the ice,
  • continuous monitoring the regeneration processes,
  • care for health of the players through blood sampling and creatine kinase levels, which subsequently adjusted the volume and intensity of the training load individually.

“The training is precisely oriented to select the areas you need to improve in. In this training facility I started my regular pre-season preparation several years ago. This approach helped me to get closer to success than anything else.” Noted Mr. Prokhorkin.

Since we get more demand that we can handle we are opening a new diagnostic center HDC Czech Republic in Pribram (Prague) in September. We are also proud of HDC Finland which within the 1st year of operations is receiving great results in pre-season preparation and also in hockey development activities in China.