Another successful seminar in Moscow

Another successful seminar in Moscow

At the end of last week, on Thursday, April 11, practical seminar “Current trends in modern hockey” took place on the territory of the Ice Palace CHM in Moscow. The seminar was organized by ХДТС and Eduprosport. The lecturers were our certified trainer HDC Alexander Vasilchenko and ХДТС Sales Director Anton Kuzmenko.

The first part of the seminar was theoretical and included the basics of the methodology of players development and the way of using it in HDTS centers, as well as an overview of the equipment supplied to the centers by the HDTS Group.

Further, there was a demonstration of possibilities of working on equipment, with illustrative examples on the players involved in the center. How to use diagnostic package dryland was demonstrated at first, also within samples of online reports. Then the seminar moved to the final stage – the area of HST treadmills. Practice showed all the capabilities of ice hockey treadmills, as well as all development programs and diagnostics of players on the skating treadmill.

The guests who came to the seminar were impressed by the newest technologies of the HDTS company, some of them showed interest in cooperation. We thank the guests for their participation and look forward to the next meetings as part of the seminars of the HDTS Group.