New version of SportTesting and Online Reporting

New version of SportTesting and Online Reporting

HDTS customers can look forward to new version of SportTesting and Online Reporting software. Apps will be available in few days.

Both solutions have stabilized and improved their functionality. They have a new more modern and more ergonomic user interface. Both solutions were tested several times.

SportTesting by HDTS is designed to performance diagnostics of athletes. It contains approximately 60 different tests. They are divided into tests on dry, hockey treadmill (HST) and on ice. SportTesting has interfaces for various external test devices. The new version was enriched with professional video tutorials and clearer reports for coaches and players.

Online Reporting is own HDTS web application. Results measured and processed in SportTesting app can be stored in a data warehouse. Online Reporting can create various player and team reports. Allows you to compare multiple player results to each other. Similarly, the software supports comparing the measured values of the players with the standards. Standards are based on thousands of measurements by own HDTS methodology, research-based and collaboration with a sport university, top hockey coaches and experts.

HDTS invests relevant resources in developing its software solutions.